If you want a science fiction movie based in the 20th Century, 1984 audiobook unabridged should be your answer. George Orwell provides the best storyline based on a combination of sci-fi and fantasy. This is a must-have for all science fiction enthusiasts.

1984 Audiobook free download by George Orwell
1984 Audiobook free download by George Orwell

In this world, a well-organized body called the Big Brother is responsible for running the entire world, it has a reliable and efficient network of agents spread across the globe. Thought police is one of the most effective arms of this organization. The amazing thing about Big Brother, unlike current governments, is that; it controls everything (including the lives and thoughts of people).

All about 1984 audiobook

It is a time of dictatorship and never-ending war. The immoderate power of the government goes beyond all limits. Doublethink, thought police, and constant surveillance is the structure of the oppressive government committed to attaining absolute control of their subjects. This classic dystopian story was first written in 1949 but was re-visited 3 decades later. The lean prose honed political discourse, and penetrating images appear as fresh and menace. You will have to endure the disturbing images based on prophetic warnings.

The story explores every detail expected in such an extreme world if, by any chance, it were possible. The writer’s depiction of the totalitarian rule is undeniably provocative. It is evident that this story was written at a time when communism needed to be opposed.

The author

George Orwell is one of the renowned authors of all time. 1984 is considered his crowning achievements and a good reason to purchase it. 1984 audiobook free is one of the best ways to get your minds working. If you appreciate the writer, this is the single most famous piece of science fiction audiobook you should own. The writer is keen on following up on all the details possible to make up the story. He uses all aspects, which contribute to political story from sex to interrogation.

Plot summary

Winston Smith is the protagonist of the story. He is determined to thwart the tyranny of Big Brother and restore sanity and freedom back to the people. His tactic is to expose the atrocities performed by the government. This is far more difficult to achieve because he is late and everyone has been brainwashed. Privacy is no longer a norm as nobody seems to want it anymore.

The pursuance of justice during this time is crucial, as only a few people are sane enough to fight for their rights. O’Brien is happy at breaking Winston in an interrogation, which is designed to break

Editorial Review

George Orwell uses his styles to show how it is necessary to adopt an all-inclusive democratic system of governance. When people have no rights, no matter how successful and rich and successful the overall system is, it is a failure and a shame to society. Although it may seem like an old system and ideology, it is applicable to current governments across the board. This is an exaggerated story but still depicts reality in most situations around the world.

This story seems to warn listeners against communism because it existed at the time. Since the fall of the Soviet Union, there is little reference to the ideology. Instead, it is relevant for fighting the excessive power of social media and absolute control of any government.

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