A Clash of Kings Audiobook is the second audiobook in A Song of Ice and Fire series, an epic fantasy series by American author George R. R. Martin expected to consist of seven volumes.

Like its predecessor, A Game of Thrones, it won the Locus Award (in 1999) for Best Novel and was nominated for the Nebula Award (also in 1999) for best novel.

A Clash of Kings is a blend of satire, political twists, and power.


A Clash of Kings Audiobook

A Clash of Kings free download
A Clash of Kings Audiobook free download

The author’s major style is suspense. A Clash of Kings Audiobook free is an incredible plot of full of drama with realistic characters. It is unique because of minimal fantasy. There is also an element of magic.

It dates back to almost 8,000 years back when the North had all the might and strength. The Targaryen houses come as out as fearless even though they are dependent on the Lannister family, which is rich in Gold. The story begins from Iron Throne capture, which the author brings to the end as one goal, taking over the Iron Throne.

King Joffrey is only young and less acquainted with the throne’s magic and power. The audiobook gives insight into battles going on in the palace and how other leaders have to work closely with the new and young king to protect the iron throne.

The author highlights Cerise and Lannister as the main advisors of the king. They are the only people in the family who are not interested in the throne. And just like family, even the noblemen are not loyal to the king; the current mission is killing them one by one. Breeding for dragons is the last party held by the former ruling party just after Young Arya Stark flees for survival.


Lord Stannis did not show any interest in the Iron Throne until the death of his brother King Robert Baratheon. But this is only one of the seven kingdoms interested in the throne. The seven kingdoms have to fight within themselves to win the title of the Iron Throne. Stannis has low chances of winning the title of the Iron Throne, but he remains persistent. One of the advisers Cerisi is not for the idea of Lord Stannis to take over the throne. However, there are different opinions; Melisandre, on the other hand, thinks there is divine meaning and inspiration that directs Stannis to the Iron Throne.

At only ten years, Young Arya is full of rage and revenge because of the nature of his father’s death. The power obsession extends to a weird level where she wants to appear as a boy. Young Arya behaves like a peasant’s boy. The Young King is directing all vengeful thoughts against King Joffrey.

Besides responsibility for the death of her father, King Joffrey is also living with Sansa Stark, Young Arya’s elder sister. King Joffrey has a hard heart; he has been living with Sansa for at least 13 years but only as a fiancé. Sansa has a tough time at the palace considering he is living with the obvious killers of his father. On several occasions, she tries to escape.

A Clash of Kings Audiobook’s Review

A Clash of Kings Audiobook Review
A Clash of Kings Audiobook Review

The author uses several styles and realistic characters to bring out malice and hatred that fills the land, which runs for at least ten years.

A Clash of Kings Audiobook free has a soft beginning that exposes you to different political opinions. It slowly turns into action as the kings disagree over power and resources. You have to be keen and patient in following the plot from the start to notice when and how the author introduces themes.

The author might seem derailed at some point, but all the tales here are necessary; the alliances and disagreements of thrones add up to leadership in the seven kingdoms

The main characters; Arya, Sansa, and Tyrion are also the favorite for most people. They won’t disappoint in their quest and loyalty to the Iron Throne. Their inspiration and drive for the throne are legitimate.

Nevertheless, the author ensures you cannot predict a character that will last for long. It is all the suspense and the quick succession of events.

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