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The series of the wheel of times proceeds to produce and give us more and more adventures, in the form of its 7th edition which is The Crown of Swords Audiobook by Robert Jordan.

These series would make one fall in love more as one goes on.  The characters and their representation are the far most important and strongest thing the author has focused on. The high-level suspense un this book the crown of swords free audiobook is immense and breathtaking. Although the story at some points might proceed at a snail’s pace that is the actual beauty of the storyline is interesting.

Author and his life

A Crown of Swords Audiobook Free Download - TWOT 7
A Crown of Swords Audiobook Free Download – TWOT 7

Robert Jordan a writer of the fantasy world was born in Charleston; South Carolina of The United States on October 17 the year 1948. He is a well-known writer and stands beside the worlds best-known writers of his time. He is also known as the author of the bestselling fantasy book he The Crowns of Swords Audiobook Download. His hidden achievements include awarded as the best Distinguished Flying Cross with bronze oak leaf cluster and also with a couple of Vietnamese Gallantry Crosses with palm. As he flew with the united states army as a helicopter gunner to Vietnam for about 2 hours.

He calls himself as the “High Church,” He was with his spouse Harriet McDougal, who herself was an editor who is currently working with the Tor Books. And she would also edit Jordan’s books editor in.

He passed away on the 16th of September in the year 2007.

Greatest books of the great author

  1. The eye of the world (wheel of time #1)
  2. The great hunt (wheel of time#2)
  3. The dragon reborn (wheel of time#3)
  4. The shadow rising (wheel of time#4)
  5. The gathering storms (wheel of time #12)

The plot of the story

the mythical story of The Crowns of Swords Audiobook Mp3 has an ever-green plot which leaves its imprints on the reader’s mind. The creativity and characters nature can make anyone hold on to the book.

Where the characters, Elayne, Aviendha, and Mat came closer to the bowl that may reverse the heat wave and give back the natural weather.

Review in my opinion

The overall story plot and characters everything is mind-blowing. It was a ride one would enjoy taking on and on. The slow-motion train is also worth taking a ride.it is a well-cooked meal and prolongation of the series. Giving its best background for the next upcoming novel.  This book introduces a lot of newer characters as it proceeds with much more power and strength. Even after the slow moments of the book the story is much more than that; it has some heroic characters there to lighten up the story.

The point is where the story ends up in the next novel. I am looking forward to the next part to come out very eagerly. This major fantasy would never disappoint its followers for sure.

Download and listen

The wheel of time Book 7 written by Robert Jordan is in actually narrated by Michael Kamar; the book is a part of the series of the wheel of time free audiobook. Its duration is 30 hours and 31 mins. It’s a high-quality audiobook after all.

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