A Dance with Dragons Audiobook’s Background

This story is a depiction of the pre-industrial England at a time when the fate of the seven kingdoms is unpredictable. The story is set during a time of turmoil following a long period of peace. The battles, which ensue are fierce and leave many people homeless and poor.

The story begins with a lot of fear due to the unstable condition of the kingdom. It is more of survival time for regular people than the previous and property. The story instead revolves around the main participants of the war. These warlords will stop at nothing not only to protect their quest but also to advance it to the very end.

A Dance with Dragons Audiobook free
A Dance with Dragons Audiobook free

A Dance with Dragons takes us back to a history of a dragon-ruled Westeros. There is no clear version of the story, which is agreeable to the contenders of the Iron Throne. Everyone has their version of why they are the suitable owners of the throne.

Before the current situation, it emerges that dragons were part of the rule and a seemingly naïve girl who has realized her power and role. At first, no one seems to pay attention except for her irresistible beauty and bloodline. For this reason, she gets to marry the fierce leader of warriors. What follows is mysterious and unexplainable hatching of dragons.

Inside the A Dance with Dragons Audiobook

After a Storm of Swords Audiobook, the war of the five kings takes a break. The short period of peace is only providing enough time to prepare for the forthcoming battles. There is still enough reason to continue the battles. This is at the time of King Stannis Baratheon when the kingdom is under forceful dominance, and not many of the lords are comfortable with this rule.

A Dance with Dragons Audiobook starts with Jon Snow, the bastard son who lived adopted by the late Lord Stark, rise to power. After years with the knights guarding the wall against the harsh superstitious outside, he earns the top position as the 998th Lord Commander. Not everyone is pleased with this installation. Some veterans view this as a disgrace to the honor of the guard. This means that Jon Snow has the complex task of handling enemies both inside and beyond the wall. He needs to watch out for his life. This is a significant win for Jon who would not be heir to anything in the real world outside of this place among the knights.

The intelligent Tyrion Lannister escaped home and lived in Pentos. He escaped death and is comfortable to live without honor or a leadership role here. This is under the liberating rule of Scion of Targaryen House. She captured the city of Meeren, freed the slaves, and began to rule it by restoring peace. Although she is the target of many enemies, her dragons give her the fearful reputation. She, therefore, takes advantage of the short period of rule to horn her ruling skills by resolving issues amongst the people. The dwarf Tyrion had been blamed for the death of his nephew King Joffrey and Lord Tywin (his father). He is therefore wanted for treason with a huge price on his head.

Listener Reviews

A Dance with Dragons Audiobook download
A Dance with Dragons Audiobook download

The twists in A Dance with Dragons Audiobook, suspense’s, allusions, and detailed account make the audiobook memorable. There is so much detail in a mythical and superstitious fictitious tale than most of us have of the real world. Amidst the tension and visceral situations, is humor too.

This completeness of the plot gives the story more than enough drama to entertain whoever wants to listen to the audiobook. The narration will keep you yearning for more of the story.

Like the preceding novel, this story is filled with suspense putting the listener into a state of prolonged anxiety. This is an undeniable quality of the story.

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