What’s A Feast for Crows Audiobook

A Feast for Crows Audiobook download
A Feast for Crows Audiobook download

The war between seven kingdoms covers most of the plot. It is the basis of the clash of kings and communities fighting against each other. After the dishonorable death of the king, most people seem interested in taking over control of the Iron Throne. It is a blend of greed and divine influence in the fight for power. Locals in the North seem to be the most powerful, and the front as rebels for a long time, but their effect is watered down after the death of Rob Stark.

Previously, the Stark siblings and close associates were an important part of the community, but the death led to their scatter. With time, the fiery claims to the Iron Throne fade as most kings give in to the most powerful commander at the time. The 998th Lord Commander takes over the reign and almost stops the war. However, the brothers of King Joffrey are still hungry for power on the basis of blood relations.

One of the brothers, Tommen Baratheon, at eight years old takes over the King’s Landing position. It is a tricky time for the kingdom because of the inexperience and naivety of the successor. The mother, Lannister Cersei takes over as the ruler while the son is growing. Still, the eight-year-old remains the official protector of the territory.


In comparison to other storylines, A Feast for Crows Audiobook free is clear and flowing smoothly. The author is evidently a professional. If you are rigid in perception, you will miss the themes and fun in the audiobook.

First, it comes after a series of novels meaning you have to be attentive to connect the events. Secondly, A Feast for Crowns Audiobook seems disorganized. You might be forced to pause at several instance s to figure out the missing elements but trust me you will not find out. The only way is to be patient and listen.

A Feast for Crows Audiobook review
A Feast for Crows Audiobook review

If you are keen, you will notice the author preventing postponing and extends anticipations to achieve a certain level of anxiety. It works every time! Also, some aspects of the story might have changed at the time of writing A Feast for Crows; the author is more liberal on business hence a plot twist.

The author was obviously conscious of the arrangement that seems to have missing elements. Some arts are perfect, and you can follow meaning the “confusion” was deliberate. Like the Iron Islands new king is in perfect arrangement. Also, the rebellion nature of the Dondarions Berric is evident. The specific allegation of talents in Oldtown also depicts the author’s deliberate disarrangement is parts of the plot. The author also depicts the church as a key player in politics, which is also a factor in the improvement of the seven kingdoms.

All of the improvements on the audiobook are the author’s work. There were no mistakes in the first place. Each of the characters has a matching role that necessitates your concentration throughout the audiobook. You have to identify each character and link them with respective roles to understand the magic and styles of the author.

Most people vote for the here main characters as their favorite. The author makes sure Brienne, Cersei, and Jaime last long in the play and play the roles perfectly.


The author depicts Cersei as dishonest and therefore unreliable. This comes out in the last few sections of A Feast for Crows. Critics think it was not necessary to include the character in the top sections if the idea was to depict her as untrustworthy. There would be a more captivating way of introducing the character to the listeners. Jaime and Brienne also suffer the same fate on the audience.


A Feast for Crows Audiobook brings in all kinds of characters; powerful, tactful, and the ambitious that keep fighting on the basis of the differences.

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