A Game of Thrones Audiobook is a story of many potential leaders striving to fit the honor of the coveted crown in the land. The contenders all seem to desire and claim the most deserving to take it.

Some of the contenders believe they are the rightful owners while others are driven by a strong lust for power. There are nine royal families with the quest to grab this throne hence the rich plot of the story. Some of them seem the likeliest to win but die even before the road gets bloody.

The setting of A Game of Thrones Audiobook Free is in Europe at a time when magic, superstition, and sorcery were part of the common culture. Bloody wars were the norm too as both young and old competed fiercely to reach the biggest prize in the land. The masses continued to languish in poverty. Since the war took so long, the public adapted to this way of life and found fun and laughter at the hardest of times.

What is Audiobook Version?

A Game of Thrones Audiobook free
A Game of Thrones Audiobook free

The entertainment in A Game of Thrones Audiobook is brought by the typical struggle, and endless battles as contesters vow to make it to the iron throne. This is the symbol of absolute power and control, to get here, the hopeful leaders fight many mini-battles as they learn more and build empires. Others lose the little they had and drop out of the race while others pay with their lives.

This audiobook takes many twists as it is almost impossible to predict the winner. As it progresses, you will notice how difficult it is to predict the winner.

There are many surprises along the way and little you can do to determine the one who will have the last laugh. Initially, what you would consider the soberest and sane person to be heir to the throne is murdered cruelly in cold blood by a ruthless young boy. This is one of the points in the story, which are disheartening to follow because a hero falls at the hands of arrogant bloodthirsty and power-hungry siblings.

This competition to get to the throne is just beginning. The winner of the seat is not what anyone had predicted at any time. It is not a famous rich or from a renowned family. It is a bastard child who lost his life once.

Editorial Review

The style

This is one of the most acknowledged satirical stories of all time. It is carefully planned to accommodate events in a typical political set up. The story reveals the nature of political systems and how humanity runs leadership among themselves. The dangers of competing for the top position at all costs and the undying quest to reach this position.

This story may be set up in another era and civilization but is relevant to date and the current situation in both local and national government politicking. Every setup regardless of the cultural background can learn and identify clearly with this story


A Game of Thrones Audiobook's review
A Game of Thrones Audiobook’s review

The seven kingdoms ruled from the Iron throne never seem to get the appropriate respectable leader it deserves. The irony, which emerges in the story is the contrast between the fight for its possession and the cooperation among the ordinary subjects who share all they can to survive.

In actual sense, ordinary poor people fight for anything available while the elite shares the spoils by signing agreements. This is not the case here in the Game of Thrones Audiobook download.


A Game of Thrones Audiobook is arguably the most entertaining drama of its era. The sword fights, the delicate plight of women and children, the fearlessness of men of war, and superstitious army from the south add to the unending drama

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