A Storm of Swords Audiobook revolves around the unwavering quest for power among the leaders of the seven kingdoms. These seven kingdoms have been living in peace and cohesion over the years until the Kind died and left the throne open for contention.

The king was not the fiery authoritative but mostly playful and casual personality. He lost his life in a dishonorable way after developing a wound when he went hunting. He was fat and not strong enough to lead an army. The best part is; he reigned in a time of peace and could tame his mischievous wife.

The war of dynasties is more than fierce. Like all other wars, women and children pay a hefty price of displacement, losing their homes to fires, and rape.



A Storm of Swords Audiobook free
A Storm of Swords Audiobook free

George R. R. Martin brings a new twist on the battleground. For the first time in history, it seems like the kings are fighting for the people. While there is this element because of inadequate resources on the land in relation to population, the kings also have their own interests.

Most of the people despite cultural differences were living in harmony until the fight between the seven kingdoms erupted. Resources may never have been an issue because it was about communal sharing; the aspect of ownership came with the kingdoms hence the fight. The seven kingdoms are evidently hungry for power.

A Storm of Swords Audiobook free plot is set between seven kingdoms and Westeros. The two might differ in language among other cultural aspects, but they are all tied by power. The influence of politics on the land is significant in the East; while the communities are struggling with resources, they are influenced to support respective royal families. Political leanings and opinions separate the two regions. There is also an element of unity in supporting the royal families.

A Storm of Swords Audiobook comes right after A Clash of Kings Audiobook, which influences most parts of the plot. Power is the main trigger of war; all kingdoms fight with personal objectives hence uncertain end to the war. The fact that everyone has individual objectives in the war makes it impossible to come to an agreement. The war is also mixed up with false beliefs and power of gods, but all this is compromised with modern war techniques.

The royals and ordinary people share their quest for destiny. The author demonstrates how the world is beautiful but harsh and full of tricks with powerful magic. The personal ambition and greed attribute o high levels of brutality. It is a mix of lifestyles; heroes, nobles, and slaves in one community.

About the author and narrator

A Storm of Swords Audiobook download
A Storm of Swords Audiobook download

The author and narrator are interestingly in harmony. The narrator is also the main character in the audiobook hence best placed to bring out the emotions and theme details. Narrating science fiction is never an easy task for most narrators, but Roy Dotrice does it best. He is renowned because of his previous works including Game of Thrones Audiobook that attributes to his multiple awards.

The narration is a crucial part of a publication; most scientific stories might be struggling in penetrating the market only because of the quality of the narration. This audiobook owes its popularity to the professional narration of Roy Dotrice. He is familiar with themes of war and greed in power; he varies his voice and tone to match different moods and environments.

Why audiobook?

To enjoy the tales in A Storms of Swords Audiobook free, you have to be in synchrony with the author’s mind. The audiobook makes it easy to get into the environment because of the narrator’s voice twists.

You have to feel the intensity and rage between the seven kingdoms and Westeros to enjoy the audiobook. Science fiction is dependent on harmony between author and narrator.

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