Absolute Proof Audiobook by Peter James

Absolute Proof Audiobook Free Download
Absolute Proof Audiobook Free Download

Absolute Proof echoes the storyline of Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code.  Ross Hunter, an investigative journalist, is not new to receiving threats because of his line of work. Throughout his career, he has dealt with several political, criminal, and religious issues.

Corporate wrongdoings, political corruption, and all other investigations he has so far carried out have been accompanied by a series of threats. He has managed to scale through all of them unscathed.

However, one phone call he received on a faithful day has turned out to be more than a threat to his life. This phone call that is potentially a life-changing encounter was made by an elderly gentleman who claimed to have the complete proof of the existence of a supreme being.  Inexplicably, the gentleman is convinced Ross is the only one that can let the world know this new found truth and save the world in the process.

A lot of things are at stake. In fact, the fate of humanity depends on how he responds to this particular one.  Millions of people in the world who believe in one form of religion or the other have had their beliefs seriously questioned.  And the political and religious fallout could be extremely damaging if not handled properly. Unfortunately, Ross finds himself at the center of everything.

Ross becomes the target for those looking to get a hold on the ultimate evidence. The situation he finds himself is nothing compared to what he had to deal with in the past. This is dangerously too overwhelming.

Absolute proof may not have the usual storyline you know about Peter James’ books.  It’s a reminder of the damaging effects tensions of divergent beliefs can cause when handled wrongly.  It’s an intriguing and passionate read, but may not be interesting to everyone. The book provides a different perspective on how people can handle their different beliefs and still live in harmony.

Other stories such as and will also are interesting for novel lovers.

By: Peter James
Narrated by: Hugh Bonneville
Length: 16 hrs and 38 mins
Categories: Crime & Thrillers, International Mystery & Crime

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