Bellevue Square Audiobook by Michael Redhill

Bellevue Square Audiobook Free Download
Bellevue Square Audiobook Free Download

Bellevue Square Audiobook has turned a small little place into a scene of momentous happenings. The story is not of a serious issue and there is no action but the suspense is there all the time and most of the story and the scenes of fear are created in the mind and the by the mind of the girl who thinks that she has a doppelganger, a twin who is identical to such an extent that they could appear as photocopies of one another.

The amazing thing is that Jean herself has never seen the identical twin but she is told by several people that they had seen her twin in the park. Firstly Jean thinks that her mind is loading things but later her curiosity increases and she starts searching for the women who share the same features. She even goes to the extent where she ignores her family, her business and even her everyday tasks just to find the women of which she is told.

She even goes to the extent of creating a team of the local people who could help her in hunting that particular woman so that she can see her in reality and could prove to herself that the whole thing is not the creation of her imagination. The story takes a sharp twist when she observes that her helpers who are the local people of the square start disappearing one by one.

At this point, she thinks that perhaps her double is with some evil designs and she must catch her at any rate. Sarah Mennell has narrated quite nicely especially the voice of Jean is nicely done as she is portrayed as a girl who is confused and afraid throughout the story. Other books including and are also worth listening to.

Written by: Michael Redhill
Narrated by: Sarah Mennell
Length: 8 hrs and 4 mins
Categories: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense, Thriller & Suspense

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