Bones And Bounties Audiobook by Bilinda Sheehan

Bones And Bounties Audiobook Free Download
Bones And Bounties Audiobook Free Download

A well-knit trilogy no doubt takes us to the land of fantasy and paranormal activities woven by Bilinda Sheehan. The story takes us to the magical land of the Faerie where Darcey Thorne the last of the banshee is in a battle for survival as she has to serve the court because of the commitments she had to fulfill. She is like their bounty hunter who can be unchained for any of the hidden agendas of the court.

This time she is given the duty to track down her sexy ex-god boss which could finally make her free from the Faerie court and thus she would be able to lead a free life of her own after all these years of slavery. The story moves in high passion and high passion is the main thing we see in almost the whole of the series and in most of the writer’s other works as well like.

The second part of the story takes us to the next level when Darcey finds a werewolf looking for her help which she denies at first as banshee and werewolf don’t establish a relation of any sort but then when she sees the suffering of the whole kind she steps in to solve their problem for good. The last part ends with a bang when we move deeper into the personal life of Darcey and come to know about certain secrets related to her past life.

The narration by Emily Lawrence surely has an impact on the whole trilogy and makes it worth to listen to no doubt in the same passion in which it is written. The creation of the paranormal activities and their description in detail is also a source of attraction for the people who like fantasies.

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