Charlie And The Great Glass Elevator Audiobook Background

The family in an elevator to space may have the same agenda but soon divulge into their wants as the story progresses. This funny, fantastic audiobook is entertaining and set up to give the audience a great deal of imagination beyond the norms.

There is a lot of action in Charlie And The Great Glass Elevator Audiobook, as the gang of the Buckets soon faces a threat to their lives by Aliens in awkward circumstances in a USA space hotel. The aliens occupied this first luxury hotel beyond imagination to man and became the first source of a nemesis to the space-bound gang.

Charlie Bucket is an optimist leader, who is tasked with dealing with the hardest job of keeping his stubborn grandparents in check. He began his enthusiasm shortly after the moon landing and never stopped until he achieved and surpassed his wildest dreams. The story has a lot of funny scenes making it an exciting story.

Charlie And The Great Glass Elevator Audiobook download free
Charlie And The Great Glass Elevator Audiobook free download

Plot Summary

The charlie and the great glass elevator story is a continuation of the original story where the Bucket family was on their way to conquer the Wonka Chocolate Factory. The team included Charlie Bucket, his parents, grandparents, and Mr. Willie Wonka in the magical glass elevator. The elder ones in the group are the least courageous. They are instead, full of doubts and this causes them to ascend too high into the orbit.

This is at a time when the great Space hotel USA is about to open. The three grab the chance to the first visitors into the luxury hotel in space. Unfortunately, there are not the first here as something arrived before them.

In fact, the first arrivals are countless beings from an unknown location in outer space. They are not pleasant to deal with and are not what you would want to meet in strange lands. The USA program approved and supported by the president helps a space capsule full of housekeepers, waitresses, and bellhops to escape a rampaging swarm of vermicious creatures.

Charlie wins the Chocolate factory to give an amazing sequel in the Charlie and the great glass elevator

Editorial Review – Great children’s audiobook

Charlie And The Great Glass Elevator Audiobook by Roald Dahl
Charlie And The Great Glass Elevator Audiobook by Roald Dahl

This is another combination of fiction and fantasy in the biggest levels with the biggest creativity. The elevator, which travels to space would give kids the best imagination and fantasy to enjoy. It is an undeniably entertaining sequel thanks to the addition of magic to science fiction. Reading or watching a movie will not give you the levels of satisfaction you will get from this audiobook.

The continuation picks up to save you from the suspense of the previous audiobook and give you the satisfaction of finding out the progress and end of the matter. It takes the audience up and beyond your imagination but is filled with great detail to surpass even the reality back on earth. Mr. Wonka, for example, has extraordinary knowledge and abilities to turn the regular things into amazing mesmerizing results.

Charlie is filled with optimism and Grandpa Je is the most delightful. This story takes all the common characters to outer space to show a complete naturally-occurring family life with the various personalities in the weirdest place. You will soon realize that their personalities are enhanced to give them their unique characters.

Charlie and the great glass elevator is, therefore, an action story packed with superstition, fantasy, and science fiction for utmost entertainment.

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