Crooked: Man-Made Disease Explained Audiobook by Forrest Maready

Crooked Man-Made Disease Explained Audiobook Free
Crooked Man-Made Disease Explained Audiobook Free

The book highlights a unique topic perhaps not that much explained before in the way and detail it is explained and narrated by Forrest Maready. The book has theories only but the links that are established from the past are strong and very convincing too.

The book starts with questions of the different sorts related to human diseases especially those that are in us right from birth like lopsided smiles and misaligned eyes. As the research goes deeper Forrest Maready comes to appoint where he finally concludes that such diseases are man-made or are the result of any human experiment. According to him, these diseases were not present in the past we human beings are making our own life difficult in so many ways.

The book has everything like the metallic medicine information and the description of diseases like Crohn’s, neurological disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome etc. each disease is with a history which gives evidence that most of this stuff is the result of our own ill-doing. The future according to the writer is grimmer as the researchers are creating more and more of such things.

The book, however, has also shown the way to several to investigate and try to eradicate such possibilities if possible in order to save the human race from any further suffering. The book also focuses on the ignorance of the doctors or the world of science that had never given any importance to this topic and still it is left untouched and unnoticed. The research on this issue could prove quite valuable and perhaps can help in the cure of such epidemics in the years to come.

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By: Forrest Maready
Narrated by: Forrest Maready
Length: 8 hrs and 50 mins
Categories: Health & Wellness

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