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Crossroad of Twilight audiobook  is the tenth book of The Wheel of Time. This novel is based on several fantasies. It was released by Tor Books on 7th of January 2003 and after its release, got the first position in New York Times bestseller list. It consists of 30 chapters and remains at first position for three months.

This book describes the fantasy of a character Perrin Aybara who tries to search his wife when she kidnapped by some of the people. He continues to rescue his wife and notice that the kidnapper is none other than Shaido Aeil. Perrin torture prisoners to take information about his wife. Torturing people, find some suggestions that can defeat Shaido. Seanchan was the one who joins Perrin to defeat Shaido. A man named Mat Cauthon tries to escape Seanchan. While escaping, he met Tuon, the daughter of the nine moons whom he kidnapped and wanted to be his wife. He discovered that Tuan is the best person whom he can teach to end the leadership of Seanchan.

Elayne Trankand who was expecting twins tries to make the idea of Mat Cauthon to be the best solution. The father of the twins was kept secret, but it is mentioned that Rand is the father of the twins. After all, this Rand sends Davaram, Logan, and Loial to bring about the discussion wit Seanchan to accept the agreement. After discussing the agreement with Seanchan, they returned and told the Rand that Seanchan has accepted the agreement and wanted Dragon Reborn presence. But in the end, it is notified that Egwene was kidnapped by the people of White Tower.

Crossroads of Twilight Audiobook Free Download
Crossroads of Twilight Audiobook Free Download


Robert Jordan an American novelist born on 17th of October in the year 1948. His original name is James Oliver Rigney Jr. Robert is famous for the series Wheel of Time. His famous books include Conan the Barbarian, New Spring, The Great Hunt, Crossroads of Twilight, and many others.

He is also famous for writing fiction characters which are not believed written by him.  He was also awarded by the Distinguished Flying Cross and Bronze Star. He also got two Vietnamese Gallantry Crosses award. Robert Jordan died 16 September 2007 with the disease cardiac amyloidosis.

Why we should listen to the Crossroad of Twilight

Crossroad of Twilight audiobook mp3 is a complete fantasy that describes the story of a person who tries to find her wife who was kidnapped by some kidnappers. He tortures many people to find information about his wife. For the readers, it is the complete package of suspense which can amaze the readers. The thrilling events create suspense and attract many readers. This novel could also be loved by the ones who like to read romance novels as it tells the love story of a person who loves his wife and finds ways to release her from kidnappers.

The events in the book create a curiosity for the readers as it the next part of the book winter’s Heart. Some of the events of the previous book are unresolved, but this book has resolved many such events. For some readers, it turns not to be the best book, but a section serves as the conclusion and satisfies the readers.

Download and listen

The wheel of time Book 10 written by Robert Jordan is in actually narrated by Michael Kramer and Kate Reading; the book is a part of the series of the wheel of time free audiobook. Its duration is 26 hours 7 minutes. It’s a high-quality audiobook after all.

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