Dying Truth Audiobook by Angela Marsons 

Dying Truth Audiobook Free Download
Dying Truth Audiobook Free Download

Dying Truth is full of police procedurals which means the action is not that much seen in most of the sections but the thrill and the suspense is still in plenty and that has been the hallmark of this Kim stone series where events join together and form a brilliant story that can keep you engaged till the end. The story once again starts with a murder and that of course has been Kim’s job for years, solving murder mysteries that are unique in each part.

This time it’s the suicide of a troubled girl in school, she jumps off the roof and thus there is no evidence of murder but then one after the other such cases appear in the same school day after day and Kim has to look into the matter personally as it could involve one of the teachers or students. A teacher approaches her but she too is found dead the next day. The killer again seems to be a clever planner and the leads take our detective once again to the character that she hates the most i.e Dr. Alex Throne whose only dream is to tease Kim as much as he can to make her life a living hell.

The story reminds us of other chapters of the series like and where the detective finds leads in the past. This time too Angela Marson takes us present to the past and from past to present as Kim investigates a prank in school that happened decades ago. The plot is awesome and the wonderful narration of Jan Cramer continues to impress us even more in this volume. The narration no doubt has played a vital role in the description and presentation of the characters in the way the writer wanted them to appear on the scene.

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Narrated by: Jan Cramer
Series: Detective Kim Stone Crime Thriller Series, Book 8
Length: 9 hrs and 11 mins
Categories: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense, Mystery

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