Every Breath Audiobook by Nicholas Sparks

Every Breath Audiobook Free Download
Every Breath Audiobook Free Download

This is the twenty-first in the series by Nicholas Sparks and once again the story is with the element of romance in it that takes us all the way to the end. The narration is done by two narrators this time Sean Cameron Michael and Vanessa Johansson, both have done an excellent job in portraying the characters and their feelings that no doubt was an uphill task. Every Breath Audiobook story starts with a description of a girl named Hope Anderson who is 36 of age and still no plans to settle in a marriage bond, she dates a surgeon for six years but still, she does not want to marry him which makes one thing clear that there is no true feeling of love between them. We see such situations in several of Sparks’ works like Me Without You – Kelly Rimmer, Een dag in December (2018) – Josie Silver where the main characters are not sure about their feelings about others at first and then there is a sudden outburst of feelings of romance which become so out of control that the characters completely forget about all the things around them and start focusing on their own future only.

The same thing happens when Hope meets Tru Walls when she is about to sell her father’s house and Tru is called to Sunset Beach by a man who wants to prove to him that he is his father. Thus both meet each other by pure chance and coincidence and the bond between them become so strong that they leave everything related to their families aside. Family duties do not remain of any importance for them. The love in Every Breath Audiobook story is presented in a totally different style as it makes people go against the family love that includes the love of the parents.

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Narrated by: Nicholas Sparks, Vanessa Johansson, Sean Cameron Michael
Length: 9 hrs and 11 mins
Categories: Fiction, General & Contemporary

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