Evil Games: A gripping, heart-stopping thriller Audiobook

Evil Games Audiobook Free Download - D.I. Kim Stone 2
Evil Games Audiobook Free Download – D.I. Kim Stone 2

Angela Marsons starts this second part of the Kim series loaded with action or should we say murders as it has been the main ingredient in the first part as well. The interesting thing about the story is that we learn more about the personal life of Kim Stone, she is chasing a murderer who perhaps knows her too much, he is able to predict her every move and that’s why Kim has to dig in her past life to in order to detect the hidden link of the murderer with her otherwise everything is a wild ghost chase for her.

The case starts with a murder of a rapist, but the murder is not an ordinary one as the dead body is found in a horrible and horrifying state. The great thing about the story is that it can be read without having a go at the first one because the plot and the crime scene everything is different and the only link this book possesses with the previous one is the character of Kim and her team that once again hunts the one that is haunting the town. The story moves on personal as well as interpersonal levels which makes it more intense. We can have a go at the first book Silent Scream as well after reading this one in this way we can come to know about the skills of this crime detecting team.

The evil character created by Angela Marsons this time is like a devil that enjoys destroying the mankind, the character almost all of them appear to be real as well because the description is complete the narrator is the same and it’s a good thing as Jan Cramer has done quite well in the last part and the listeners have become familiar with this forceful voice that they would not appreciate a change in it.

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Detective Kim Stone Crime Thriller Audiobook series includes 11 books, which is also good for a Thriller Audiobook fan:

  1. Silent Scream Audiobook
  2. Evil Games Audiobook
  3. Lost Girls Audiobook
  4. Play Dead Audiobook
  5. Blood Lines Audiobook
  6. Dead Souls Audiobook
  7. Broken Bones Audiobook
  8. Dying Truth Audiobook
  9. Fatal Promise Audiobook
  10. Dead Memories Audiobook
  11. Child’s Play Audiobook

Two girls go missing. Only one will return.

The couple that offers the highest amount will see their daughter again. The losing couple will not. Make no mistake. One child will die.

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