Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

Frankenstein Audiobook free download by Mary Shelley
Frankenstein Audiobook free download by Mary Shelley

Frankenstein Audiobook Free is based on a famous story written by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley. It depicts Victor Frankenstein, who is a scientist in a university seeking to be an established philosopher and chemistry professional. He decides to create a grotesque monster, who soon becomes the greatest enemy.

At first, he is clueless about the extent inabilities of this powerful creature. Not only does it threaten his life but also that of other people close to him. The drama that follows makes it one of the greatest audiobooks in history.

If you are acquitted only to the movie version, you will be amazed at how much detail you missed when you find the Frankenstein audiobook. This story is more captivating than you could ever imagine thanks to the creative narrators who are able to make different accents and make the story dramatic. It hits all the emotional highlights to reveal the details of the books.

The story: Frankenstein

The Frankenstein audiobook free download is a story of a secret animating procedure to turn lifeless matter into relatable beings. A student finds this secret and proceeds to assemble body parts to complete his project called Monster Frankenstein.

Naturally, society cannot and does not allow the introduction of one who is not likened to them. When Victor Frankenstein makes the decision to bring into existence this powerful creature, he has no idea how detrimental the results would be.

He is at the verge of destroying his entire neighborhood with his experiment. For this reason, no one wants to associate with him. This means he loses his respect and honor in society. He faces threats even for his community because he has introduced the biggest enemy ever to the land.

Frankenstein Audiobook Review

The author takes a superstitious theme and shows how by playing god, you can destroy your life and put your loved ones in danger. Although he emerges as a renowned scientist, Victor’s experiment is costly to society.

Transgressing the boundaries of societal norms is not wise to even for the best and reliable scientists available. He turns into a lunatic in the eyes of some listeners. He seemed incapable of handling his problems, which he brought to himself. This means he did not plan well and consider the consequences before making major decisions in his projects.

It is easy to differentiate the characters according to their personalities and roles in the story. With different accents played here, it is easy to separate them making the drama more interesting. For example, readers change their pace and tonal variation appropriately. It helps the listeners pay attention and follow the details of the story easily.

This story may be entertaining but is also educative. It can be used for different forms of children’s educative purposes because it has many themes.


The Frankenstein audiobook story is a good example of fiction and fantasy as it mixes superstition and an utmost unreal life. It also shows the impact of science goes wrong. There is a lot to learn from this story across the board. There are many themes to explore even as it is entertaining and involving.

The horrific Frankenstein story became one of the greatest stories ever told in the past century and is a worthy one to take home. It may be quite complex to understand for many people especially newbies in fantasy stories.

The Frankenstein audiobook free download – End

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