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The more Fortune wants to leave her past life behind the more it comes back to her. She starts enjoying her life with a new identity, though she at first thought that she would not be able to live a life of an ordinary woman of the town. But she in this new town with her new identity makes friends with whom she settles well and more than that she finds love in the form of Deputy Carter who is perhaps the sexiest man in the town.

She starts dating her and thinks that all the dreams of her future life would perhaps become true, but all of a sudden there is an attack on Carter of which he narrowly escapes and fails to become dead meat.

Gator Bait Audiobook Free Download
Gator Bait Audiobook Free Download

Thinking of total destruction of her future life and dreams Fortune once again comes back to the professional state of a CIA agent and calls Ida and Gertie too and thus the swamp three team once again unites for the last time perhaps. Jana DeLeon adds a bit more romance and love in this part that was there in the previous parts as well but the intensity was not that much high.

The suspense is not corrosive rather it is a bit humorous as well because Carter throughout the series thinks that it is he who is protecting the librarian but in reality Fortune is the one who is on the mission to arrest the one who wants to kill Carter. The story is a bit similar to several of Jana’s other stories of the same series in which the Swamp time unites for a mission. Swamp Team 3, Swamp Sniper are the two books that are closely related to the current one as these too contain the missions of the swamp team. Cassandra Campbell’s narration is still attached to the series and is a nice thing to listen.

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By: Jana DeLeon
Narrated by: Cassandra Campbell
Series: Miss Fortune Mysteries, Book 5
Length: 7 hrs and 37 mins

Gator Bait Audiobook Mp3 written by Jana Deleon is in actually narrated by Cassandra Campbell. Its duration is 7 hrs and 37 mins. It’s a high-quality audiobook after all.

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