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The handmaid’s tale has always been consistently selling in the market over the years. Since Margaret Atwood release the first story in 1985, there has been a continuous demand for translations and productions. Now available in audiobook, it gives the most profound connection to her creativity at exploring the fantasy world. The handmaid’s tale audiobook is based on the latest version in the editions that followed the original.

Handmaid's Tale Audiobook mp3 download
Handmaid’s Tale Audiobook mp3 download


This is a great story, which takes the audience back in time to explore the issues that were prioritized a the time. The enthusiasts have a great chance to travel to a unique ancient environment filled with old rules of living and limited opportunities. The people are happy with the little they have but fight for recognition and the little they have to live for. Women are conspicuously disadvantaged by this situation because of the inequalities set up in their society. Magic and superstition is practiced with great emphasis and hailing.

Handmaid’s Tale Audiobook Free is best for both children and adults because the story is based on family life and the constraints associated therein. It builds up from a low-key hopeless situation into a good ending to enjoy. You will be left with many imaginations from the pictures painted by the narrators.

Handmaid’s Tale Audiobook

This is during the totalitarian, male-chauvinistic society of Gilead. Elisabeth Moss lives during this ancient time with no rights for women or liberty consideration, which we know today. After the president of the United States is killed in a terrorist attack, the government is deposed and taken over by an oppressive dictatorial rule of Gilead. Offred is now a handmaid working in the household of a rich and renowned commander. The commander is married and has a young teenage daughter. She loses her identity and even her name to the oppressive mind washing regime.

Against all odds, she takes it upon herself to navigate the intimate secrets of the oppressors. This means she risks her life and breaks all the rules in the hopes of ending the oppression. What follows is an exciting expedition that takes her to her limits. There is a lot to learn and put to practice

Editorial Review

The handmaid’s tale audiobook download is a chilling story of the past days when rights of women were unheard-off. Atwood takes this chance to explore the details of such a male-driven society to enhance her themes. She enhances the predicaments and what the women endured to survive and thrive in such societies. This is a good lesson for all people who want to take a trip and learn from the past’s inadequacies.  There many instances of irony and satire that gives humor to the story so we can enjoy the lightness of a grave situation.


This storyline gives the audience a chance to appreciate the freedom they enjoy today where women have the same chances to live as men. handmaid’s tale audiobook mp3 has been embraced by many people already and is taking a rapid increase in its fame.

The narrators made a great effort to give it the setting it deserves thanks to the acquisition of old accents. The accents help to put the story into perspective and origin.

There are also different voicings for the main and supportive characters in the story for a complete enhancement of visualization.

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