Harry Potter and the cursed child audiobook free

Harry Potter and the cursed child audiobook free downloadHarry Potter and the cursed child audiobook free download by J.K Rowling
Harry Potter and the cursed child audiobook free downloadHarry Potter and the cursed child audiobook free download by J.K Rowling

Harry Potter and cursed child audiobook is actually a nonfiction story based book in which some of the hidden magical stories are described, and J.K Rowling has explored that magic into the real world.

Harry Potter and the cursed child is an audio recorded book recorded by J.K Rowling who is famous for the record-breaking, multi-award-winning Harry Potter novels. Audiobook has the edition of many authors who have been narrated by others. It’s some of the editions are of Stephen Fry and Jim Dale. She is surrounded by fans, and their loves and her series has sold more than 500 copies and been translated into 80 other languages and had made eight blockbuster films.

It has seen that magic exists everywhere even in every age, in every culture, in every place, and in every heart. History of magic is as long as the world came into existence.

Facts and Story

Harry Potter and the cursed child audiobook has revealed some hidden stories behind the real world magic. It also has explored the J.K Rowling’s magical inventions along with their cultural, historical and folkloric ancestors. Audio story is narrated by Natalie Dormer and is specially released for blind people. The story revolves around the magic and interesting things which lead human’s attention towards deeply rooted ideas of mysticism in the world.

Apart from listening to the story, they have also described some handy tips from which one can learn how to capture a basilisk, make yourself invisible for some time and create your own philosopher’s stone.  J.K Rowling’s writing process has developed lots of drafts and drawing that are discussed in the story via audio. The extraordinary thought-provoking tales in audiobook seem best to those who are curious and willing to know about magic. It is available in Audio CD’s.

Jim Dale and Stephen Fry have already released some versions of Harry Potter audiobooks, and their interviews are described in audiobook which attracts the people to get to know about their experience. People who are visually impaired and can’t see videos and other people who are big fans of Harry Potter might become emotionally attached to this audiobook. A recent survey has been done by Psychologists in University College London, and that survey has shown that audiobooks have got a strong emotional response from listeners as compare to the ones who watch videos. This survey was funded by Audible.

Harry Potter Audio Series

Harry Potter and cursed child book have a total of 5 parts in which a story is narrated at different phases. It has the following series of different books. The story took 19 years to complete after the final printing of Potter novel which was Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows Part 2.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is at the eight number storyline in the Harry Potter series and it directly sequel to the original books. It is divided into a 2-part stage story where one play is played by Jack Throne, and the play was based on the original story written by the J.K Rowling and John Tiffany.  Regarding the Play story, the play actually follows the Albus Severus who is Harry’s young son and acting as his friend, the son of Harry’s Hogwarts nemesis Draco.

Award-Winning Series

Harry Potter and the cursed child audiobook has won a record-breaking reputation by getting the nine Oliver Awards onto the stage in October 2016. In its trailer in before releasing in West End, Jack Throne, John Tiffany, and J.K Rowling gave a statement that “they enjoyed a lot while exploring Harry’s world in a brand new way through the live form of theater and going to give the world a wonderful and exciting story. we all are excited about this exhilarating story and passionate to introduce the eighth story at the Palace theater next summer.”   Harry Potter and the cursed child book is on rumors and people like it from the depth of their hearts due to which it has made its way state-side and opened at Broadway’s Lyric Theater in April this year.

Movie Rumors of

J.K Rowling has decided due to much popularity among people to convert Harry Potter and the cursed child audiobook mp3 into a movie. Author has revealed this truth on Twitter which is going to start on the unofficial universal Orlando podcast. While podcast has claimed that Warner Bros had approached Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint for playing a role in the movie after getting fame in the play.

Listen and Download

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