In the Morning I’ll Be Gone Audiobook by Adrian McKinty

In the Morning I’ll Be Gone Audiobook Free
In the Morning I’ll Be Gone Audiobook Free

This novel is part 3 of the Detective Sean Duffy book series, where Adrian McKinty is at his usual best, just as the prequels. The narration of the book is fabulously done by Gerard Doyle, who is the unanimous choice for narration of Adrian’s novels.

The story is about a catholic cop, who has been part of tracking the IRA master bomber in the middle of a violent sectarian event in Northern Ireland. It was the early 1980s in Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland. Sean Duffy was recruited in MI6 to track down the IRA master bomber by the name of Dermot McCann.

McCann was lucky enough to make a very daring escape from the Maze prison. Sean during his investigations found that a woman probably having knowledge of the whereabouts of McCann was looking for justice for her own daughter, who died a mysterious death. She died in a pub, which was locked from inside.

Sean was ascertain that if he can solve the locked room mystery, then the bigger mystery about the whereabouts of McCann would automatically be solved as a reward. However, time was closing in for the Conservative party conference in 1984, held in Brighton, where Mrs. Thatcher has to give a highly awaited keynote speech.

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By: Adrian McKinty
Narrated by: Gerard Doyle
Series: Detective Sean Duffy Series, Book 3
Length: 9 hrs and 51 mins
Categories: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense, Mystery

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