It began with Eragon It ends with Inheritance.

Not so very long ago, Eragon-Shadeslayer, Dragon Rider, was nothing more than a poor farm boy, and his dragon, Saphira, only a blue stone in the forest. Now the fate of an entire civilization rests on their shoulders. Long months of training and battle have brought victories and hope, but they have also brought heartbreaking loss. And still, the real battle lies ahead: they must confront Galbatorix. When they do, they will have to be strong enough to defeat him. And if they cannot, no one can. There will be no second chances.

The Rider and his dragon have come further than anyone dared to hope. But can they topple the evil king and restore justice to Alagaësia? And if so, at what cost?


Introduce to Inheritance Audiobook

Inheritance Audiobook free download
Inheritance Audiobook free download

Inheritance is a 2011 audiobook written by American author Christopher Paolini. It is the fourth audiobook in the Inheritance Cycle Audiobook series.

The Inheritance Cycle series was originally intended to be a trilogy, but Paolini has stated that during writing, the length of Brisingr Audiobook grew, and the audiobook was split into two parts to be published separately. Because of this, many plot elements originally intended for Brisingr Audiobook are in Inheritance Audiobook.

Since the release of Inheritance Audiobook, Paolini has expressed his future interest in expanding upon Alagaësia and the Inheritance Cycle. In an interview, he talked about a potential “book five,” a prequel centering on Brom, and said that he has planned “around seven more stories set in Alagaësia — and one of those is in fact a series.”

Inheritance Audiobook’s Review


I loved it and the best audiobook the whole series of these audiobooks are great and would recommend them to everyone who loves science fiction/fantasy audiobook.

Inheritance Audiobook free download and listen
Inheritance Audiobook – Inheritance Cycle 4

Christopher Paolini is an accomplished writer, and this is an engaging series. The protagonist Eragon is a well-rounded character that has matured through the books as has the author.

Unlike infallible characters like Harry Potter, Eragon has weaknesses, and strengths. The writing is reminiscent of Tolkien without the unnecessarily verbose asides about trees, flowers, and sunsets. This series sits on my bookshelf in a prominent place as one of my favorite fantasy series.

It sits proudly, and rightfully alongside the Chronicles of Narnia, The Lord of the Rings, The Wheel of Time, and Harry Potter. It is on par in my opinion with any of the aforementioned series. Buy it. You will love it and never regret it.

The Narrator – Saphira

I’ve been listening to the audiobooks for years and I can’t imagine her voice any other way! It would seem weird to me if she had a delicate voice. Maybe I’m just used to it, but I think he does it absolutely perfectly.

She’s my favorite character!

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