Island Red Audiobook (Unabridged) by Matt Serafini

Island Red Audiobook Free by Matt Serafini

Matt Serafini takes us to a land where mankind feels the correct meaning of the word isolated and stranded. We observe how helpless we could become in just a single moment when our connection is cut off from the outside world and we are left helpless in front of death that is ready to pounce upon us in one form or the other. The attack of the man-eating sharks is what the story is about.

The story also reveals the history of this deadly creature that has been on our planet for almost eighty million years. The writer has also done quite a research about the sharks as he describes plenty of things about the sharks that are exact and not just a creation of the writer’s imagination.

For example, the number of teeth that are described to be approximately 300 and they is in row form that all almost twenty-five in number and also the nature of the sharks is not to attack the human beings and they almost never come near the beach for its pretty.

The sharks are deep water creatures and eat sea creatures only as a routine. The story takes place in Florida at Crystal Key which hints towards some real-life references in the story as well. The first attack is taken casually by the residents and that was their main blunder that they took a shark casually and not seriously at all.

Crystal Key soon becomes a hell by the shark attacks eating one after the other and more deadly thing is that the place loses connection with the outside world all of a sudden and there is no outside help that could reach the place before the approach of death in the form of sharks.

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