Lethal Bayou Beauty Audiobook Online Streaming

This series related to Fortune Redding tells us about Jana DeLeon’s interest in woman characters. This is the first time we have seen a woman of such magnitude in the CIA as well. She possesses everything talent, professional skill and above all respect in the department that she has secured after a long struggle in her career. This time however she herself becomes the prime suspect of the murder that makes the things a bit uneasy for her. She is the one who has been dealing with murders throughout her life but this murder restricts and limits her resources as when she becomes the prime suspect in the case the CIA is ready to take her down for interrogation.

Lethal Bayou Beauty Audiobook Free Download
Lethal Bayou Beauty Audiobook Free Download

The story opens with Fortune being given the duty to keep an eye on Pancy Arceneaux who returns to the town for a summer festival, her life is under threat and Fortune appears to be the right choice as she is the one who has successfully performed the role of a beauty queen in Louisiana Longshot. Pancy does not like to coordinate with Fortune and they had a fight almost on each set which makes Fortune the prime suspect when Pansy is murdered. Thus this time its not about just saving her job, its about saving her skin as well as she is left with no choice at all.

The relation between Fortune and her senior Gertie also develops well throughout the series, thought there is a generation gap between the two and also a difference of rank but still there is a nice chemistry between the two that develops much further in each part of the series. We see the strength of their relationship in Reel of Fortune when Gertie helps Fortune even after her retirement from the CIA. The narration is once again in the forceful voice of Cassandra Campbell who makes the story alive in front of our eyes.   

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By: Jana DeLeon
Narrated by: Cassandra Campbell
Series: Miss Fortune Mysteries, Book 2
Length: 7 hrs and 20 mins

Lethal Bayou Beauty Audiobook Free written by Jana Deleon is in actually narrated by Cassandra Campbell. Its duration is 7 hrs and 20 mins. It’s a high-quality audiobook after all.

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