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Little Liar Audiobook
Little Liar Audiobook

There are many things that keep us captivated and surrounded all of our life. Sometimes there are secrets which cannot be told and sometimes there are certain things that we have to keep hidden from all.

This story written by the author Clare Boyd is a fabulous novel written in a very thrilling manner that creates suspense and brings in more interest as you keep listening to it and listen till the end.

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Plot Summary

In this book Little liar the character Gemma in this story finds herself in trouble despite the fact she has been trying to save everything. The time is crucial when Mira calls the police to let them know that her neighbors are in trouble after hearing the scream of the little boy. She also wants to save the little girl Rossie and make sure they are in good hands. The issues becomes complicated when Gemma gets scrutinized and she now has to save her family.

But it becomes even more disturbing for Gemma when Rossie disappears with no cause behind. All she has to do is to save her family but in this case she is going to blame her own self because now the little girl cannot be found anywhere there.

The whole story begins with a thrilling start and keep the listeners struggling to solve the thrilling suspense which seems quite interesting. You will never be able to leave the story in the middle as the interest develops and it would rather be a good choice to make sure you’ll listen till the end of the book so know what actually happened.

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