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Wheel of Time - Lord of Chaos Audiobook Free Download
Wheel of Time – Lord of Chaos Audiobook Free Download


Robert Jordan a name of success in English thriller and adventure piece of writing. After the wheel of the time, he became a legendary name in the adventures world, and this novel became his identity and gave him fame. Robert before his death was working on the 12th volume of the series, but his death gave him no time to complete this task.

Till now 14 books have been written under the name of The Wheel of the Time. Lord of Chaos audiobook free is also the part of this series and touched its fame.

Plot Summary

Naynaeve met Siuan and started an investigation about her; due to a strong feeling about Siuan she was unable to trust her. After a while, she came to know that Siuan can feel Moghedien presence. Elayne tried to use a’dam on Moghedien without creating a doubt. The delegation has sent to Caemlyn as Rand become a problem for them. Meanwhile, Perrin felt that he needs to go for the help of Rand and he started his journey towards him with his troop. Morgasse tried to seek help from the king she saw part which helped her to get out from there. She signed an agreement to give access to Andor.

Elayne visited Andor, and she was seen by someone and caught, a delegation from White tower came and tried to take her. She has been told that still some time required for a final decision. Elayne saw a dream and came to know that Rand needs her help; she went for his help with Nynaeve. Both of them reached and found the terangreal. They knew that it would be helpful for them to settle the weather.

Nynaeve block cleared by Theodrin, she got angry on it, but accidentally she gets succeeded to heal Logain. Yellows after seeing her commendable powers got surprised. Rand tried to escape and doing so killed warders, Aes came to know about it and punished him

In the end, they reached the tower plagued by the Shaido. In some confusion, Ashaman was attacked by Rand, and he breaks shield on him.

Audiobook Reviews

This part of the mega-series also got popular, but the interesting fact was that it comes with a more clear and beautiful plot. The dramatization of each character we beautiful and the beauty in the Elayne dreams cannot write in words.

Lord of Chaos audiobook free download got more attraction from the enthusiasts. And people started waited next volume to get know about the Rand decision. The whole novel has come with many surprises. The length of audiobook almost 41 hrs and narrated by Kate and Micheal. It is really interesting to listen to them for the 42 hours, but suspense and adventure of this novel will not allow you to move a single inch, every scene will give you more and more surprises, fantasy and shock.

This book Lord of chaos audiobook online streaming is must have series.

Download and listen

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