Messenger Audiobook Free by Lois Lowry

Messenger Audiobook by Lois Lowry
Messenger Audiobook by Lois Lowry

Matty is having a hard time understanding the healing powers he has because it is a gift, just when the altruistic society he belongs to is falling apart. There is an increasing number of citizens that attempts to close the borders. This is the same time as when the Forest that used to be beautiful has now become dark and unpassable. When Seer, the caregiver of Matty, asks for Matty’s help to pass through the forest to get her daughter and return before the border closes. Matty needs to gather his courage to journey through this dangerous Forest.

Matty used to be a troublemaker that comes from a dysfunctional home and once called himself as “Fiercest of the Fierce.” After his arrival at the village, the community took care of Matty. Now, he is a boy who is about to enter adulthood, Matty is living with a blind man named Seer. Matty gives assistance to seer when it comes to cooking and taking care of the house. Matty is like a son to Seer.

While taking a mysterious journey to the Forest at night, Matty looks for a young frog. It is unclear what his reasons are, but Matty is scared of the animal and is puzzled by it. While on his way home, there is a sad singing that Matty hears. There is a Gatherer that has met death in the Forest and was entangled by its branches, making it a perilous place for anyone. Even if the Forest is a mystery to Matty, it always lets him pass through safely, and even making food available to him. Matty easily becomes the community’s messenger because of this privilege and wants to be officially called one in time.

Ramon, the friend of Matty, is boastful about the new gaming machine that his family owns. Matty begs Seer for one, but Seer does not like it because he is not in favor of Trade Mart, where the machine can be bartered.

Listen to the story and find out how Matty was finally appointed as Messenger of the community.

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By: Markus Zusak
Narrated by: Marc Aden Gray
Length: 8 hrs and 38 mins

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