Moonstruck Audiobook by Dannika Dark

Dannika Dark Audiobook Free Download & Listen
Dannika Dark Audiobook Free Download & Listen

Each step of the Crossbreed series is matchless as every part has its own plot and motives. The missions of Raven and Christian are always tough and unique, because of this quality the series can be read without continuation. We can treat each part of the series as a single independent novel and can relate those parts as well in relation to the main characters that are still no clear about their relation.

Both show intense attraction for one another and then suddenly everything vanishes between the two and they start acting like strangers. Sometime they share the relation of hate as well especially in when Raven comes to know about the dark secrets of Christian. The Keystone band is watching over the precious cargo as they come to know that they are not the only one who is keeping an eye on things.

The hunters are approaching from all sides and all they want is what lies inside the cargo. Raven like always active on the job but the lusty vampire always makes her commit things that apparently she does not like but cannot resist the temptations as well.

The mission becomes a do or die situation when the first one from Raven’s troop is taken away without any trace. The unit involving Will Keystone as well knows that it’s time to play rough.

This is the only part in which we see so much Keystone himself which means the cargo has something precious in it. The pair of Dannika Dark and the narrator Nicole Poole keeps on impressing us every time we go through another part and another mission of the superhuman pair.

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Narrated by: Nicole Poole
Series: Crossbreed, Book 7
Length: 11 hrs and 18 mins
Categories: Romance, Paranormal

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