New spring Audiobook free download and listen – TWOT 0

New spring Audiobook Free Dowload - The Wheel of Time Book 0
New spring Audiobook Free Dowload – The Wheel of Time Book 0

1998 a year which gave adventures lover a good audiobook series named The Wheel of the time. Robert Jordan achieved his milestone which he never thinks about. When he started his journey, he started with the six books in his mind, but after that, he wrote more and more sagas. On completion of the 11th book he suffered from severe diseases, but he didn’t lose his hope and tried to write the 12th novel, but in the meantime, he died.

In his most famous prequel “New Spring” got famous as his other novel New Spring audiobook free available on the internet. This prequel narrated by Kate and Michael. As a book worm Jordan always attracted towards writing, he started reading when he was only four years old, he was graduated in physics then he moved to the army where he served for two years. His reading habit forced him to write an epic saga series for book lovers.

His every book achieved a level and fame, unfortunately, at the age of 58 he died, and the world lost a good writer. In this advanced technological era where all literature is available online.

Plot Summary

The story begins twenty years back from the eye of the world. War of Ail end, Lan decided to go to Blight. In the way to his destination, he came to know that Carneira tried to raise exceptional Crane. Lan and Ryne headed towards Chachin, they have found a woman chasing them, and after some discussion, she insisted them to take her along, but Lan had some doubts on her. After some time he realized that she is not the women as he thought, she saved three lives form the enemy Lan appreciated her. She wants to propose him, but due to his doubtful behavior, she couldn’t be.

At the end of New Spring audiobook Mp3 when they have killed the villain, in their way to the castle, she proposed him to become her custodian. The whole novel revolves around the character Moiraine; she infects carried the secrets from past and travel to present where he met Rand in the wheel of the time and disclosed his secret of Dragon reborn.

Audiobook Reviews

New spring Audiobook Online Streaming by Robert Jordan
New spring Audiobook Online Streaming by Robert Jordan

Jordan’s epic piece The Wheel of time started its journey to success in 1998. This book earned recorded money and fame. The series lover was waiting for the prequel “The wheel of time” in 2004 this wait over, and the viewer came to know about the background of the eye of the world.  Moiraine a lead character of the novel and in these prequel readers came to know that how Moiraine knew about Dragan reborn forecast; this creates a thrill in the story.

A novel from the start control the attention of the readers, and the young Moiraine and Lan made a very beautiful combination of action, thrill, and adventures. Moiraine took the lead and saved three lives which really inspired Lan.

This book considered as a best seller of 2004 and now you can find the new spring audiobook free easily.

Download and listen

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