Occultist (Saga Online #1) Audiobook Free

Occultist Audiobook (Saga Online #1) Free Download
Occultist Audiobook (Saga Online #1) Free Download

Oliver Mayes first one in the series is worth to read, the writer creates a hero from the ordinary and then takes him to a level which he himself would not have ever imagined. Damien an average boy with bad grades and with no hope of higher position in class faces the problem related to the failing heart of his mother. Thus the story tells us about a person who has no relaxation or recreation in life and things tend to become troublesome for him all the time. He starts to take part in an online saga so that he can get some sort of funds out of it but this too proves troublesome for him as he close run with a vampire and failure once again finds him in his hiding place.

The entrapped Damien has no choice but to topple the most famous online player for which he must find the Occultist class. Things become troublesome for the young kid all the time and he seem to lose hope at most of the circumstances but still a voice within him asks him to carry on.

Adam Sims has narrated the story to his full potential, the narration is done at a decent pace and the words are uttered clearly so that we can listen to the whole story with a peace of mind. Also the story is a nice beginning upon which the writer can knit a whole series or at least a trilogy. The rise and fall of the story is awesome also the determination and focus of Damien for a higher goal make us prepared to strive for a bigger goal in life.

Listeners Review

There is no other way to put it – Occultist is a blast from the start to the end. I ended up reading it in one session – 4 hours straight in bed, beyond midnight. It is just that gripping and enjoyable.

Yes, this is a LitRPG. And yes, it might have some callbacks to other ones. But, this book is the real thing. It is genuinely funny where those other ones weren’t (*cough* Ready Player One *cough*). Puns, actual jokes, pop culture references abound. In addition to the humor, the characters are amazing – each and every one of them. Bartholomew and Noigel are the stand-outs. The writing is excellent too.

Listen and download

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Series: A LitRPG series
By: Oliver Mayes
Narrated by: Adam Sims
Length: 15 hrs and 28 mins

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