On Target-A Gray Man Audiobook by Mark Greaney

On Target-A Gray Man Audiobook Free
On Target-A Gray Man Audiobook Free

The Gray Man is back for us but this time he is fighting for his own life as he wants a way out of all the fuss so that he can live the remaining days of his life for his own self instead of wasting it on a suicidal mission that he used to do in the old age.

Gentry does not want a way out because he is tired or afraid of the missions in which he was once considered to be perfect, he wants to leave the whole thing because of the continuous betrayals of friends and constant threats of his foe to his personal life he feels mentally sick and thus wants to get rid of all this forever, but for his will to prevail he has to complete this last suicidal mission which seems to be impossible at the start but then Gentry is without options and resources.

Mark Greaney sends his finest character Gentry to the mission in which he has to kill the president of Sudan in this wonderful novel in which the writer also takes us to a beautiful place and thus we are always appreciating the glorious background of the story. Gentry does not like Sidorenko who hires him for the killing but still, he is blackmailed this time even by his friends at the CIA as well, for the first time we seem him working alone and is worried as well.

The details are well written which have been a key to Mark’ success and we can observe it in Mission Critical, Back Blast. The narration is by Jay Snyder who starts at a rapid pace and then the speed never falls down anywhere, the narration is done in high emotion and makes the listener feel the passion of the characters as written by the writer.

By: Mark Greaney
Narrated by: Jay Snyder
Series: Gray Man, Book 2
Length: 12 hrs and 35 mins
Categories: Crime & Thrillers, Espionage

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