Paradox Audiobook by Catherine Coulter

Paradox Audiobook Free Download
Paradox Audiobook Free Download

The thrill of the thriller continues in this Paradox Audiobook twenty-two as well. There are suspense and this time an uncontrollable revenge madness as well. The mad in enraged outlaw has started his kill list and if he is not stopped he could cause chaos in the city. Chief Ty Christie of Willicott she a murder and on the chase of the criminal he finds the dead body but more shockingly he finds bones which are of human skeleton perhaps and another clue is a belt buckle that could perhaps lead him toward the cause of all these happenings.

The buckle leads the three agents to a single person who is the escaped prisoner from the mental hospital the psycho who just wants to soothe his mind by killing the desired. Christie, Savich, and Sherlock must find the criminal until he reaches his second member on the list. The agents must solve the story because they too perhaps are on the list of that psychopath. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde must reveal what they have hidden for so many years, the truth seems to be the only solution that could lead them to the end and final disposition of the mystery.

Catherine Coulter has created yet another masterpiece which has a thrill, lust, horror of a murder, and the race against time which is there throughout the series. The narration of a thriller is no doubt the key element because the tone and accent of the narrator give more spice and energy to the thrill and suspense element in the story which is done brilliantly by MacLeod Andrews, Renee Raudman.

The Sixth Day, The Cove, and Whiplash are more interesting stories that are liked by those who like the writing of the Catherine Coulter.

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Narrated by: MacLeod Andrews, Renee Raudman
Length: 11 hrs and 39 mins
Categories: Crime & Thrillers, Modern Detective

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