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Becky Chambers has surely selected a topic this time which is widely discussed in discussions as what would become of the human race if there is a threat to its existence in the near future. Patricia Rodriquez is an excellent choice for narration as the melodious sound keep us engage even when we are afraid to listen any further about the future of human beings.

Wayfarers 3 - Record of a Spaceborn Few Audiobook Free Download
Wayfarers 3 – Record of a Spaceborn Few Audiobook Free Download

The fleet is quite wonderfully described which consists of the remaining human race that has survived up till now because it decided to leave the planet earth many years ago. The story has many shades as there is a search of a new home which is a must for the continuation of the human beings, there is also a feeling of uneasiness that is there throughout the story as what would the human race do once it reaches the desired place that no one has seen before.

So not only the life of the people but also their culture is suffering a threat. There are several wonderful characters in the story with different personalities like Ashby and Tessa who are brother and sister but still hold different view pint related to the galactic life thus one of them goes with the crew and the other one stays behind. There are also people like Sawyer and Kip who keep the interest of the reader alive in the Exodus.

The story is also with a question as what is the purpose of life in this lonely world of the stars where their existence means nothing for the entire galaxy and no one care about their home or survival in the future.

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Wayfarers Audiobook Series includes 3 books, which is also good for a spare time novel:

  1. The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet Audiobook
  2. A Closed and Common Orbit Audiobook
  3. Record of a Spaceborn Few Audiobook

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