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Refugee Audiobook Free Download by Alan Gratz
Refugee Audiobook Free Download by Alan Gratz

Refugee Audiobook is a young adult literature novel by Alan Gratz published in 2017. The audiobook revolves around three main characters from three different eras; Nazi Germany, 1990s Cuba, and modern Syria.

It received positive reviews that praised style and historical accuracy.

Written By: Alan Gratz
Narrated By: Michael Goldstrom, Assaf Cohen, Kyla Garcia
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
Duration: 7 hours 37 minutes

Audiobook Review

Warnings: refugee stories, war, bombings, violence, death, mental health, antisemitism, blood.

Although this audiobook is aimed at young adults I would recommend it to every adult – especially those in the USA. It is magnificent. Really, really good.

It is smart and rich, emotional and real. Masterfully written, Gratz weaves the stories of three refugees and their families into a heart-wrenching book that brings to life some of the struggles faced by people fleeing their home countries for a better life. The author has taken little tidbits of real stories and woven them into his fictional account of three young people who must escape their homelands. They must leave to keep their lives, and yet leaving subjects them at huge risk of dying.

I would highly recommend Refugee Audiobook Mp3 but it does not tread lightly on the harsh realities of the situation. If your child is going to try this one, I’d recommend listening to it with them so you can help give them context and talk about what is happening to these children that you are following.

Plot Summary

Three different kids.

One mission in common: ESCAPE.

Josef is a Jewish boy in 1930s Nazi Germany. With the threat of concentration camps looming, he and his family board a ship bound for the other side of the world…

Isabel is a Cuban girl in 1994. With riots and unrest plaguing her country, she and her family set out on a raft, hoping to find safety and freedom in America…

Mahmoud is a Syrian boy in 2015. With his homeland torn apart by violence and destruction, he and his family begin a long trek toward Europe…

All three young people will go on harrowing journeys in search of refuge. All will face unimaginable dangers–from drownings to bombings to betrayals. But for each of them, there is always the hope of tomorrow. And although Josef, Isabel, and Mahmoud are separated by continents and decades, surprising connections will tie their stories together in the end.


Alan Michael Gratz (born January 27, 1972) is the author of 14 novels for young adults including Prisoner B-3087 and Code of Honor. Gratz currently lives in western North Carolina. He’s written more than 6,000 radio commercials, sold other people’s books, lectured at a Czech university, and traveled the galaxy as a space ranger. (One of those is not true.)

Alan is the author of one of the ALA’s 2007 Top Ten Best Books for Young Adults, Samurai Shortstop (Dial 2006), and Something Rotten (Dial 2007), a contemporary young adult murder mystery based on “Hamlet.” He is currently at work on a sequel, Something Wicked (Dial 2008), and a middle-grade novel about family, baseball, and American history, called The Brooklyn Nine (Dial 2009).

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