Swamp Spook Audiobook by Jana DeLeon

Swamp Spook Audiobook Free Download
Swamp Spook Audiobook Free Download

The swamp team adventure continues in this part of the series as well when our main characters face another murder mystery which appears to be impossible to solve as the one behind the crime has not left any trail of any sort. The crime this time is done in the Halloween celebrations and thus everyone in the festival appears to be criminal at first. Jana DeLeon in the forceful voice of Cassandra Campbell knits another quite exciting tale that makes us feel the sensation of action and thrill throughout. Cassandra through the narration has given each character a separate life through a separate way of dialogue delivery and a separate tone.

From the Halloween dead bodies, Fortune finds a dead body which is for real and not a fake one but as soon as she tries to start the investigation she finds police on the scene that starts the investigation and once again thinks of Fortune as the prime suspect in the case as she is the one who is found close to the murdered person. Such a situation can be seen with several of the stories related to the stories of Fortune by the same author. In the stories like Reel of Fortune and Rumble on the Bayou we find Fortune in the same circumstances as the current one and she always finds a way out at the last point.

The thrill and the race against time is always there that has the main ingredient of Jana’s stories. The crime scenes are however different and the way the crime is committed is always unique that keeps the interest alive in every tale.

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Narrated by: Cassandra Campbell
Series: Miss Fortune Mysteries, Book 13
Length: 8 hrs and 13 mins
Categories: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense, Mystery

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