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The CIA agent Fortune Redding is always trying to leave her past life behind so that she can start a new chapter of her life that is without any worry of bullet attacks and murder issues but ironically the more she runs from these issues, she finds them lying on her doorstep all the time and she fails to control her instincts that always keep on telling her that she should take the things in her hand as she possesses the skill that is required for the job. This one of Jana DeLeon’s fourth in the series of Miss Fortune series that is full of crime scenes and a few love scenes as well that are always altered by the call of duty.

Swamp Team 3 Audiobook Free Download
Swamp Team 3 Audiobook Free Download

Fortune this time is told directly by Deputy Carter Trahan that she should not stick her nose in the case as it belongs to Carter and if she tries to interfere the only place left for her would be a prison. The things suddenly becomes personal for both of them as Fortune too cannot keep herself away from the scene when she hears that Ally’s house was on fire, she knows what is coming to the town, thus she takes a quick decision without thinking about the consequences and assembles the Swamp Team once again for the final disposition of this threat.

Fortune’s friends Ida Belle and Gertie are the two ladies that she has in her swamp team and perhaps the only two whom she can trust with her true identity hanging.  The swamp team is not new as it was assembled my Miss Fortune in  Reel of Fortune when she entered the sinful town as a librarian and found these two women with their past a bit similar to hers. Swamp Spook is also a story in which the team gathers for the solution of a mystery. Cassandra Campbell’s voice has become an essential part of this series in the narration department has a great impact no doubt.

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By: Jana DeLeon
Narrated by: Cassandra Campbell
Series: Miss Fortune Mysteries, Book 4
Length: 7 hrs and 59 mins

Swamp Team 3 Audiobook Mp3 written by Jana Deleon is in actually narrated by Cassandra Campbell. Its duration is 7 hrs and 59 mins. It’s a high-quality audiobook after all.

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