The Burning Soul Audiobook by John Connolly – Charlie Parker 10

The Burning Soul Audiobook Free Download
The Burning Soul Audiobook Free Download

John Connolly tries to prove one thing from The Burning Soul Audiobook’s story that the dirty past cannot be kept hidden from the world. Sooner or later you got to pay for your ill-doings. Our past always haunts us and reminds us of our ill doings. A simple kidnapping case turns into a mystery that includes murder and certain relations and references to the underworld that establishes a hidden link to the present day case that is again about the kidnapping.

Randall Haight is the one with the terrorizing letters that he started receiving after a girl is kidnapped from his neighboring house. The letters remind us of the horrible thing that he committed long ago in which he killed a girl when he was a teenager. The reference of his past force him to save his future by hiring a private detective who could solve the case before the FBI and finds the one who knows the secret about Randall and most important of all why does this anonymous man who is sending letters want revenge and what is his link with the present abduction case in the neighborhood.

Charlie Parker the private eye reveals perhaps too many of the town’s dark secrets that make the story more intense and like a horrifying nightmare that can keep haunting you for a long time. It is a multilayer story in which no one is what he appears to be even Randall hides so many things that make his character suspicious all the time. The narration adds a certain spice to the mystery that includes murder and kidnapping at the same time, George Guidall has done a good job by telling the tale in an appropriate manner that was the requirement.

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Narrated by: Jeff Harding
Series: Charlie Parker, Book 10
Length: 12 hrs and 58 mins
Categories: Crime & Thrillers, Modern Detective

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