The Cold, Cold Ground Audiobook by Adrian McKinty Streaming Online

The Cold Cold Ground Audiobook Free Download
The Cold Cold Ground Audiobook Free Download

The Cold, Cold Ground is one of the finest books authored by the great Adrian McKinty. He is a contemporary writer and a number of his novels have been got recognition from well-known literary art publishes and prestigious awards as well. He is a streetwise, energetic and a very creative writer and you get to witness some amazing dialogue delivery with some explosive action as well in this The Cold, Cold Ground novel.

The narration of the book was done effortlessly and with full command and confidence by Gerard Doyle in a super professional tone and that takes a good portion for the success of this novel.

The narration of this novel is 10 hours long and what the author ensured here is not to compromise over quality as you will never witness a single dull moment in this entire narration. The novel is filled with some amazing spat out sentences, which keeps audience hooked with the novel right from its beginning till the end.

A good thing about Adrian McKinty is that he always delivers to his audience what he promises or what is expected from him. This novel is part 1 of the Detective Sean Duffy book series and the level of investigation and thrill is absolutely par excellence with some great narration to go with. A couple of other books from Adrian McKinty includes and . If you are a thrill novels buff, then Adrian McKinty has a buffet on offer for you.

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Narrated by: Gerard Doyle
Series: Detective Sean Duffy Series, Book 1
Length: 10 hrs and 4 mins
Categories: Mysteries & Thrillers, Historical

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