The Dragon Reborn Audiobook Free by Robert Jordan

The Dragon Reborn Audiobook Free Download - The Wheel of Time 3
The Dragon Reborn Audiobook Free Download – The Wheel of Time 3

Bestseller the wheel of time

It’s a series fantasy novel which came out to be Robert Jordan’s best piece in his entire piece of writing. The series was originally thought to consist of six novels but due to increases demand it was stretched up to 14 novels.

The dragon reborn audiobook free is one of the 14 novels and is on the third number in the sequence. The whole series is actually based on certain elements of Asian and European mythology. The wheel of time audiobook tries to depict a balance between dark (evil) and light (pure) in the world. The whole series of novels is somehow inspired by the War and Peace of Loy Tolstoy.

The plot Summary

The boy Rand al’Thor is the dragon reborn declared by Moiraine Damodred in this audiobook. He goes to Tear secretly. On his way there Darkfriends and Darkhounds hunt him. The plot of the dragon reborn audiobook free is basically based on three events:

  • The journey from the Mountains of Mist to Tear.
  • The journey from Tar Valon to Tear.
  • And the end climax of the stone of tear.

Review of the audiobook

The Dragon Reborn audiobook Free Download starts right where “The Great Hunt” left off, it is well received by the readers but not as well received as the previous part. This is the first book in the series where the narration is handed over to other characters and the readers/listeners got more insights on the story and characters. Mat is given a voice due to which readers enjoy his character a lot more. In this main audiobook character that is of Rand’s is significantly decreased which may not be appreciated by the audience.

This book is also a big chase but, in this audiobook, Rand is being chased after the prophecy about The Dragon Reborn and taking the sword as being the chosen one. The dragon reborn now has the power, the authority and many armies fighting at his side provided by Arthur Hawkwing. Though on the other hand, Rand who is claimed by the people as “The dragon reborn” feels so much weight on his shoulder now and due to this flees with Loial, Moiraine, Perrin, and Lan.

One of the best and great changes in this audiobook is how each character now has their own viewpoint, and they’re no longer just in the supporting role of Rand.

About author

He is an American author originally named; James Oliver Rigney Jr., but liked to work with his pen name, Robert Jordan. He was born in a town of South Caroline that is Charleston. Robert received his undergraduate degree in physics from The Citadel and was later appointed as nuclear engineering by US navy. He really liked history and his interests included sailing, chess, poker, hunting, pipe collecting, and fishing.

Despite having an amazing job and life he still followed his passion for writing and became a novelist. The first time he started writing was in the year 1977.


The Dragon Reborn audiobook Online Streaming is for all to enjoy. Moreover, the quality of these audiobooks is better than the actual hardcopy as the precise emotions are portrayed here. The readers/listeners are introduced to many new characters and new places as the story grows deeper and more alluring.

Download and listen

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