The Eye of the World Audiobook Free

The Eye of the World Audiobook Free Download
The Eye of the World Audiobook Free Download

The Eye of the World by Robert Jordan is the first audiobook of The Wheel of Times. Tor Books publication released the eye of the world in 1990. After this release, Robert Jordan became fame in fantasy writing. He was a great writer, and his wife supported him in through his life.

All the audiobooks named under the umbrella of The Wheel of Times achieve super fame, till his death he was the writer of the 11 books and almost the script of his new novel was completed when he died.


The lead characters of The Eye of the World Audiobook Perrin, Cauthon, Egwene, and Matrim. The whole story shots around these characters. Three friends Rand al’ Thor, Perrin and Matrim reached a village to kill their free time. They got stunned to see the beauty of the village and all of sudden they were attacked by Trollocs. They fled with the help of a Moiraine and reached a city named Shadar Logoth. Where the companion got infected to get safe themselves they ran and doing so they separated from each other.

To know about Dragon Rand helped Elayne who was an ancestor of Andor. Queen Morgase released him without any charge. Perrin was told by Elyas that he could communicate via telepathically as Elyas was also telepathy expert. Moiraine with her friends again met Rand; she guided Met to travel towards Tar Valon.

After some time Moiraine was told that the Eye of the World Audiobook was endangered. At the same time, Rand and his friends started disturbing illusions. Green Man protected The Eye of the World preserve it in seven seals. All friends headed towards destructive region which was controlled with the dark rider. After Aginor defeat, Rand used that EYE to defeat the army. In the end, suspense has been created by Moiraine that Rand is infected a dragon reborn.


As a first audiobook of the epic series Wheel of time Audiobooks, the Eye of the World Audiobook Free Download made its records and got so much famous in its first release. Due to its fantasy and Jordan’s beautiful words choice mesmerize all the readers, and they lost into it.  The readers are unable to leave this epic version without reaching the end. This is a stepping stone towards the revival of literature as people became ready to spend money on books.

In the era when writers preferred to write about magic and topics like that, Jordan came forward and took a lead to write such a complex and diverse adventure. From the first page till end reader captured within the frame of the novel and can’t be able to leave it without reading till the last page.

Fantasy used in this novel and description of the forest, castle villages and the war was very imaginative and fantasized by Jordan. The friendship of three friends was beautifully defined by the author, and the whole story revolves around those friends they showed continuous support to the hero Rand with other characters and the way they have fought with the black powers was remarkable. The fantasy created by the author in every scene is really beautiful. This book made its name in the market, and now it is a more demanding book all over the region. Wherever the book lovers are present, they used to read this book in free time.

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