What you need to know about the eyes of the Dragon audiobook

the eyes of the Dragon audiobook free download by Stephen King
the eyes of the Dragon audiobook free download by Stephen King


The eyes of the Dragon audiobook is a fantasy story involving an exciting tale of royal life in the medieval era. Stephen King is not known to be restricted to one genre of writing. For this reason, the Eyes of the Dragon audiobook brings many different themes to the listener to reveal a mixture of genres.

Advance publicity has led to the fame associated with this audiobook as it is appealing to most enthusiasts. It is continually becoming more popular around the world. It comes with a stylish, successful approach to fantasy.

Although the choice of the story is not unique (kings, witches, and poisons) there is a lot of detail to fetch a lot of information. It is like reliving the moments of past life.

Plot Summary

After the death of a Queen Dowager of Delain dies of chocking, her young son is tasked with choosing a wife and produce an heir to preserve the royal lineage. Unfortunately, he is not attracted to women. Despite this complication, he proceeds to marry Sasha who is 17 years old and from acceptable noble blood.

Both young people know little about making babies but make the best royal family. Sasha is soon beloved by the people because she is compassionate and concerned with the issues of the public. They are still not keen on learning about sex until the appropriate opportunity presents itself. It was after a triumphant win in the wild when the young Roland slew a dragon with a single arrow. His excitement to tell it to his wife leads to the night when Peter is conceived.

Flagg, Roland’s closest adviser is an evil magician, who feeds him with the wrong ideas and choices. This magician jeopardizes the chances of the couple conceiving another baby four years later. Relying on Flagg leads Roland to take extra potion on the night he visits Sasha’s room. This time, he hurts her and collapses in drunkenness. Sasha gave birth to Thomas, but the midwife kills her on Flagg’s orders. Everyone in the kingdom is made to believe she died during childbirth as the evil magician goes scot-free and continues to benefit from his plans.

Peter is determined to honor the memories of his mother. He only has 2 memories (the intricate dollhouse commissioned by the King to be built for her and her reminding him to use his napkin). He continues to use the napkin and play with the dollhouse. Peter and Thomas differ widely. Peter has the looks and the brains, while Thomas has none. The favorite one is easy to pick out from the two but Peter remains unsullied by gifts thrust his way. Instead, he is compassionate about other people and animals too. The citizens are hopeful that he will be heir to the throne and be their admirable leader.

Editorial Review

When the two princely brothers (Peter and Thomas) set out to destroy the 40-year-old Flagg, the story takes the final twist towards happiness. The evil magician wanted control of the kingdom and had made the necessary arrangement even imprisoning Peter, who was the heir after his father’s death. Roland had decided to live in solidarity after his wife died.

The eyes of the dragon audiobook story has many twists, which keep the audience engaged constantly. Thankfully, there is a happy ending after a long complicated episode. This gentle story combines different themes in the main plot to offer an educative piece of art.

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