The Fires of Heaven Audiobook Free

The Fires of Heaven Audiobook Free Download - TWOT 5
The Fires of Heaven Audiobook Free Download – TWOT 5


The fifth in series of The Wheel of Time, The Fires of Heaven is the amazing fantasy audiobook.  This is the first in the series that is not the part of the appeared. This was due to the reason of being the absence of Perrin.

The Fires of Heaven audiobook Mp3 is popular due to the focus it plays on the unique storyline which is on tangential menagerie as well as on Nynaeve. Not only this, but it is also famous due to some major themes of this storyline along with some action you can hope to experience in the plot as well.

Also, this is the first part of the series of The Wheel of time in which a major character is completely absent. The name of that specific character is Perrin. The Fires of Heaven consists of two amazing mysteries that you can find quite enthusiastic especially if you are a mystery enthusiast.


The audiobook of The Fires of Heaven is quite popular and is liked and loved by a large number of audience. The audience loves the series a lot. They are quite addicting as well. It is hard to work or put the focus elsewhere if you started listening to these amazing series.

The narrator has also received quite an amazing response from the audience as well. This is due to the reason that they liked his narrating skills a lot and is impressed with how the story gets a lot better due to it. Audio listeners are in love with it; you can simply that.

Even so, if you want to get a wonderful experience of the novel, The Fires of Heaven, you should get its audiobook instead of just simply reading it. The Fires of Heaven audiobook free can provide you a wondrous experience of the story.

The Narrator

The amazing narrators of this amazing novel, The Fires of Heaven, are Kate Reading and Michael Kramer. Both are amazing in their own ways and has experienced a lot in their narration skills. The audience liked their skills a lot and the work they showed in narrating The Fires of Heaven which is the fifth book in the series, The Wheel of Time.

To ensure a better experience of this amazing novel, you should get the audiobook of this story narrated by these amazing narrators. You can download The Fires of Heaven audiobook free as well. Michael Kramer has done a lot of work in narrating different stories, and Kate Reading has won a variety of awards in this field as well.


Robert Jordan is only a pet name. His real name is James Oliver Rigney Jr. who blessed the world with his amazing stories. One of them is this novel, The Fires of Heaven. He is experienced in being an American author. He was born on the 17th of October in 1948 and died on the 16th September in 2007.

The best work of his is this series as well which is The Wheel of Time along with an amazing prequel novel. The Fires of Heaven is happened to be the fifth book of that amazing series. The fun fact of his famous series is that the female characters in the series that he had worked in have at least one quality of his spouse as well.

Download and listen

You can download and listen full free to The Fires of Heaven Audiobook – The wheel of time Book 5, by Robert Jordan here:

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