A Review Of The Full Dark No Stars Audiobook

The Full Dark No Stars Audiobook free by Stephen King
The Full Dark No Stars Audiobook free by Stephen King


The first fifteen minutes of full dark no stars audiobook are horrifying but have a way of keeping you hopeful for advanced stages. It starts by revealing the hatred and loathing a man has for his wife and for good reasons.

However, the twist in the story occurs when after over 20 years in marriage, the wife stumbles on her husband’s hidden secrets in the garage. She was not looking for any clues but looking for batteries in the garage when she knocks up against a box at the worktable and discovers that there is a big stranger in her husband she never met. The discovery is horrific, detailed, and naturally the end of the marriage.

The Full Dark No Stars’s Background

The full dark no stars audiobook free is a four series story consisting; Fair Extension is the shortest and considered the funniest because it has the nastiest parts. Here, Stephen King shows that making a deal with the devil not only saves Dave Streeter from Chronic cancer but changes his life entirely by adopting a lot of resentment. This is a story of revealing the monster within a man.

Plot Summary

The Full Dark No Stars Audiobook free begins with a horrifying experience to the listener and not the mesmerizing expected. The opening minutes of the audiobook would shake any fantasy enthusiast as the writer explores the tragic episodes of 1922. The full dark no stars audiobook first introduces us to Wilf James, his wife Arlette, and teenage son, Henry. It is evident from the beginning that the family is not a typical tight happy young family, but Wilf does not like his wife much. instead, he hates her and has some good reasons to give for his choice.

After listening to the man, you will quickly take to his side thinking. The loathing is, however, bigger than you would have calculated because he plans to murder her and is conspiring with his son. Before we tune in for the first episode, Henry is already in with the idea of her mother’s extermination. What followed was unexpected for the audience but surprised Wilf too.

The fact is there are parts of the story, which will be extremely difficult to endure and listen especially if you are an emotional person. However, you will have to endure, and it is likely to change your perceptions even temporarily.

For example, you will be amazed at how much sympathy you will generate for villains with the biggest atrocities to humankind. This is the scary part about the impact of the story. From the four books in the series, it may be difficult to pick a favorite because of the continuity in the story and the dependence between them.

Audiobook Review

The Full Dark No Stars Audiobook download
The Full Dark No Stars Audiobook download

The full dark no stars audiobook uses horror and exploration of the darkest sides of humanity to show us a side in us we mostly assume away. The disturbing, scary stories are difficult to endure without manifesting extreme emotion and have a huge impact on your thinking.

King provides the listener with a lot to think about. For example, he makes it evident that we all have a monster and a stranger within us that we mostly neglect to explore. The hardest part is that the stranger we know least is in those we love most. This is scary and not comforting at all.

The Full Dark No Stars Audiobook free download – end

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