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The Gathering Storm or as commonly marketed Book 12, is the twelfth part in the fantasy series of Wheel of Time. The book was completed by Brandon Sanderson in 2007 after the death of the original writer, Robert Jordan.

The Gathering Storm audiobook is narrated by Kate Reading and Michael Kramer. The fantasy series by Robert Jordan follow the stories of different characters in an undefined time and place. Towers of Midnight, book 13, follow the book 12. The initial title for the book was supposed to be A Memory of Light.

This book is a New York best-seller audiobook; it is the 5th one to be best-selling in the series.

Audiobook Reviews

The Gathering Storm Audiobook Free Download
The Gathering Storm Audiobook Free Download

The readers consider this part a vivid and alive plotline. This was quite unexpected by many readers. The thought of a new writer continuing made readers a little skeptical if the story and characters would feel the same or not. The readers’ expectations were low, but Sanderson brought the story alive like it was his own.

The Gathering Storm audiobook mp3 revolves around only two characters. The last battle is about to happen, and Rand is attempting to call it off by proposing a truce between enemies and themselves. However, book eleven, Knife of Dreams still remained a favorite among many readers, but there was excitement regarding the book is first of the A Memory of Light. The running time for the audiobook is about 3 hours and twenty minutes.

About the narrators

The Gathering Storm audiobook Download has been narrator by Kate Reading along with her husband, Michael Kramer. Kate Reading is a renowned narrator who has been a freelancing narrator for about twenty years. Reading has received many Audie Awards and Earphone Award and has been acknowledged for her amazing narration skills. She has also been an on-stage actress and received awards for it as well. She has narrated many types of books.

While her husband, Michael Kramer, is most famously known for his narrations in The Wheel of Time.  They have co-narrated in the epics of Sanderson Stormlight Archive series as well. They both also work as local actors in Washington. Michael Kramer has narrated about a hundred books including all of The Wheel of Time series.

About the authors

Before book twelve, Robert Jordan was the only writer of The Wheel of Time. His original name is James Oliver Rigney Jr, but he wrote this fantasy series under the pen name of Robert Jordan. He has also written historical fiction, under a different name along with criticism. His primary genre is considered to fantasy writer because Wheel of Time is his most renowned work. In 2007, due to an illness that he had been combating for a few years, he died. His editor selected Brandon Sanderson as the writer who should continue. So he continued writing the Gathering of Storm.

Sanderson was born in 1975. When he passed his English major, he took up a clerical night job that permitted him to write while working. He got so much into writing that he completed seven novels while being an undergraduate. When in 2007, Jordan died; Sanderson was selected to write Wheel of Time. By 2011, he won an award for his work The Way Of Kings.

Download and listen

The wheel of time Book 12 written by Robert Jordan is in actually narrated by Michael Kramer and Kate Reading; the book is a part of the series of the wheel of time free audiobook. Its duration is 32 hrs and 58 mins. It’s a high-quality audiobook after all.

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