The Giver by Lois Lowry

The Giver Audiobook Free Download and Listen
The Giver Audiobook Free Download and Listen

Jonas is an 11-year old boy living in a society that is very controlling set in the future. The community he belongs to does not experience war, suffering, and hunger. There is also no color, love, sex, or music because it is the “Elders” that handle everything. Who you are supposed to marry, your children, and what they will “assign” to be your job will not give you any options or freedom.

Identity and individuality is almost non-existent here because they basically all the same. No one has really chosen to leave the area, except when they are visiting communities nearby. A person can only be “released” if an infant is sick, if someone is old, or is a rule-breaker. In other words, this place is too constricting and terrible to live in.

Since Jonas is about to turn 12, he is about to be given a profession. There is a large gathering where decisions are announced to the people. Jonas observes his friends get assigned to their jobs, but he gets skipped. After the ceremony, the Chief Elder gives an explanation that Jonas has been picked as The Receiver of Memory, which is a major thing. Jonas moves his eyes to look at the old Receiver, whose eyes are light just like Jonas. This is an essential thing; there are very few people in the community that have light eyes.

Talking about light eyes, the family of Jonas has been looking after a baby named Gabriel who also has light eyes. If the baby’s recovery lasts more than 2 years, the community is going to release him.

Since Jonas is chosen to be the Receiver, there is a list of rues he needs to follow. They inform him that discussing Receiver “training” to others is prohibited. He can lie about it and question anyone he wants regardless if it is rude or inappropriate.

Jonas begins training, consisting of receiving memories given by the old Receiver, who is now named as The Giver.

Know more about The Giver as you listen to this audiobook and let the story unfold as you hear it.

Listener Reviews

The Giver Audiobook Free Download
The Giver Audiobook Free Download

As teenagers, December comes with many expectations in ceremonies to make the most out of it. Jonas is one of the kids who want to enjoy this annual moment of a lifetime. The end result is a haunting story of Jonas and friends entering a fantasy world without conflict or negativities we encounter on planet earth. There are no problems such as poverty, crime, injustices, or inequalities. Unlike most children looking for temporal holiday and Christmas, these kids have more on the hands than a celebratory mood. They have a life assignment by the Elders to make their most of their time and leadership skills. His friends Fiona and Asher have roles to be caretaker of the Old and Assistant Director of recreation respectively. Jonas seems to be the special one in this case with the biggest and most demanding role.

The giver audiobook is one of the most exciting you will ever get. You can also listen as a group with family or friends (and kids) as there are no excessively horrific scenes to censor from kids. The fantasy world is a happily designed ideal situation in which anyone would want to visit with their minds. It leaves you in suspense so you can guess and construct your happy ending. This is not a loose end but a pre-determined idea to give a chance to make the biggest happy ending according to your imagination.

This is a special fantasy story, which gives the audience the wildest dreams and imagination. Jona’s world is a perfect one without any conflicts or reason to be sad about the unfairness of life. Instead, it is peaceful and just giving equal opportunities and happiness to everyone. Simplicity is the key to achieve the most out of this story.

This is fantasy at its finest. The Giver audiobook offers kid entertainment with the utmost detail and creativity to attract the attention of the adults too. Adults can have just as much fun traveling to the fantasy world with children. Many themes emerge in the story to show how a perfect world that we are fighting for would look like. It explores both sides of the story to help us see the sacrifices and cost of getting to such a place. It proves a dark side to every story regardless of how attractive or perfect.


The entraining Giver audiobook free takes the audience on an exciting journey to the wildest fantasy world. It is not based on superstition and evil but peace and contentment. Soon after their arrival and assigned duties, they begin to realize the imperfections, as they get exposed to the other side of things. This is not good for their morale because they have to deal with issues much bigger than they would expect in a real world.

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Author: Lois Lowry
Narrator: Ron Rifkin
Length: 4 Hours 48 Minutes
Publisher: Listening Library (Audio)

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