The Great Hunt Audiobook Free

The Great Hunt is a free audiobook by American author Robert Jordan written and recorded as a sequel to his first book in this series named “The Eye of The World.” It is around 700 pages long with fifty chapters. It is the second audiobook out of fourteen and the one that is most likely to be used as a standalone.

The Great Hunt Audiobook Free Download - The wheel of time book 2
The Great Hunt Audiobook Free Download – The wheel of time book 2

Plot Summary

This audiobook consists of a prologue at the very beginning of the book followed by all its chapters. This story revolves around a group of heroes and a quest to find the Horn of Valere from the enemies. There is a chase in almost all portions of the book. The quest starts with all of the main characters united at the fortress of the city of Fal Dara. This is also the place where Amyrlin Seat is traveling to. Rand, Mat, Perrin, Egwene, and Nynaeve are very keen on getting this horn from the enemy as the enemy also took the Dagger that Mat took from Shadar Lagoth, and if not returned in a day to Mat, he will lose his life.

The heroes take off with an army of soldiers and follow towards the enemy to take the horn from their hands. Rand and his companion became separated from their group and followed the enemies and stole the horn and dagger taking both of them back to the city of Cairhein. During a civil war initiated by Rand, the horn and dagger were stolen back by Padan Fain, who was responsible for leading the enemies. He left Rand a message saying he awaits Rand’s arrival on Toman Head, a peninsula on Almoth Plain. Rand transports his troop to that location using his one power.

This is followed by many other events and battles that Rand’s troop must face in order to acquire ownership of the horn and dagger and save everyone from damnation.

As the course of events continues, Rand has difficult decisions to make for the sake of the people depending on him, and he also must face the fact that he is The Dragon Reborn.


The great hunt audiobook free download is reviewed as the book that elevated the series. It is the only audiobook people can hear without having to engage in the whole series, but as the story grows, this audiobook captures the person’s attention leaving them wanting more. This book also opens up more about the magical world Rand lives in, and we get to explore his personality better.

About the Author

Robert Jordan is a renowned American author that knows just how to keep the reader’s interest going. His best work is his series the wheel of time. His real name is James Oliver Rigney Jr., and he was born in 1948. He is best known for his fictional work based on fantasy and magic.

Enjoying The Great Hunter audiobook Online Streaming is a whole new experience as the characters’ voices convey the roles very well. The understanding and depth of these characters are very well received in an audiobook. This is a free audiobook that really lets you feel the emotion behind every hero, villain and all in between.

Download and listen

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