The Innocent Audiobook by David Baldacci

The Innocent Audiobook Free
The Innocent Audiobook Free

Will Robie the cold-hearted hitman just commits one mistake in his life and his life goes upside down all of a sudden at the start of this first book of the series. David Baldacci launches a new series in the voice of Ron McLarty and Orlagh Cassidy after a successful Amos Decker series.

The thing that separates the two series is the personality of the man as this time we see a killing machine not a memory man. Will Robie the target killer for the FBI refuses for the first time because he thought that there was something suspicious about the target. The refusal makes his own department go against him and he had to hide to save his life. Adding more to his troubles is a girl that he found.

The girl was a run away from the foster house and certain people are after her that shows resemblance to Will’s own department. The more Will investigates about the girl the more he is terrorized by the reality of the case and it seems to him that he and the girl are on the same page. Thus for Will solving her problem would means solving his own issues. The suspense gives us a hint of and but overall the plot and the scene presentation is totally different.

The novel also provides more killing scenes as compared to writer’s previous works. Moreover the main character is a man of action this time and does not waste time in too much thinking which separates him completely from the characters like Amos Decker that used to think about the case again and again.

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