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The Lord of the Rings Audiobooks

The Lord of the Rings Audiobooks Online Streaming by J.R.R Tolkien

The Lord of Rings Audiobook

About author

Author of The Lord of the Rings audiobooks is John Ronald Reuel Tolkien (J.R.R Tolkien). Tolkien was born in Bloemfontein, Orange Free State, now known as South Africa. He was a graduate in English literature with first class honors from Exeter College, Oxford.

He, later on, went to make his carrier as an academic, author, poet and philologist. He was most successful as a writer or novelist. Tolkein’s genre was high fantasy, fantasy, literary criticism, and translation. Most notable of his works are high fantasy which includes:

  1. The lord of the rings Audiobook
  2. The Silmarillion Audiobook
  3. The Hobbit Audiobook

While many writers wrote fantasy novels before Tolkien still none of them could be compared to his the lord of the rings and the hobbit. These two books were the reason he was ranked sixth among the list of “The fifty great British writers since 1945” released by The Times.

The plot of the audiobook

The audiobook starts with the events that took place in the Hobbit audiobook free. The whole audiobook revolves around a fictional world known as “middle earth.” And lord of the rings is referred to an entity named Sauron who is actually the dark lord. He had lost one of his rings long ago which contained almost all his power. Now he desires to reclaim that one ring and get control of all of the middle earth using that ring.

The Lord of the Rings audiobooks free download was published as a three-volume audiobook, in the sequence:

  • The Fellowship of the Ring Audiobook

The story begins in the Shire, where the hobbit Frodo Baggins inherits the Ring from Bilbo Baggins, his cousin and guardian. Neither hobbit is aware of the Ring’s nature, but Gandalf the Grey, a wizard and an old friend of Bilbo, suspects it to be Sauron’s Ring.

Seventeen years later, after Gandalf confirms his guess, he tells Frodo the history of the Ring and counsels him to take it away from the Shire. Frodo sets out, accompanied by his gardener, servant, and friend, Samwise “Sam” Gamgee, and two cousins, Meriadoc “Merry” Brandybuck and Peregrin “Pippin” Took.

They are nearly caught by the Black Riders, but shake off their pursuers by cutting through the Old Forest. There they are aided by Tom Bombadil, a strange and merry fellow who lives with his wife Goldberry in the forest.

  • The Two Towers Audiobook

Orcs sent by Saruman and Sauron kill Boromir and capture Merry and Pippin. Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas debate which pair of hobbits to follow. They decide to pursue the Orcs taking Merry and Pippin to Saruman.

In the kingdom of Rohan, the Orcs are slain by a company of Rohirrim. Merry and Pippin escape into Fangorn Forest, where they are befriended by Treebeard, the oldest of the tree-like Ents. Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas track the hobbits to Fangorn. There they unexpectedly meet Gandalf.

  • The Return of the King Audiobook

Sauron sends a great army against Gondor. Gandalf arrives at Minas Tirith to warn Denethor of the attack, while Théoden musters the Rohirrim to ride to Gondor’s aid. Minas Tirith is besieged. Denethor is deceived by Sauron and falls into despair. He burns himself alive on a pyre, nearly taking his son Faramir with him.

Aragorn, accompanied by Legolas, Gimli and the Rangers of the North, takes the Paths of the Dead to recruit the Dead Men of Dunharrow, who are bound by a curse which denies them rest until they fulfil their ancient forsworn oath to fight for the King of Gondor.

  • The Hobbit Audiobook

The Hobbit Audiobook follows Bilbo Baggins, a hobbit who has been living peacefully in his little part of the World. He has a simple and uneventful life that he really enjoys. With fresh produce, lovely scenery, peaceful surroundings, his life is quite cozy. All that changes when Bilbo is visited by 13 dwarves and Gandalf the Wizard.

The audiobook review

As this book was published in 1954, people consider it as a very precious one. The Lord of the Rings Audiobook Online Streaming is filled with lots of magic and imaginations about the otherworld fiction. The audiobook grabs your attention from the very first page and keeps you indulge with it to the very last page. The mind-boggling fantasy of this audiobook has kept not only the young people hooked but also the older ones. This audiobook is filled with the stories of heroic friendship, a great tale of love and set a benchmark for the upcoming audiobooks. The whole story contains love for language and nature. The Lord of the Rings is not some fast-paced action fantasy if you want to really enjoy it, have patience.

Tolkein has very beautifully described the whole of the fiction world named “middle earth” that one faces no difficulty at all in imagining it. He created a world of challenges for the souls of every character in the world. The ring plays with the minds of every character and challenges them with the things they cherish the most.


The lord of the rings audiobook series, in my opinion, can definitely be termed as the best fantasy books of all times. A person who claims to be a fan of fantasy and has not got their hand on this one is not really a fantasy fan. This audiobook can also inspire young writers on how a fantasy book should be written.  Every time a person listens to the audiobook, they discover a new depth in it. This audiobook is basically a different version of the hobbit audiobook free but deeper.