The Nickel Boys Audiobook by Colson Whitehead

The Nickel Boys Audiobook Free download & listen
The Nickel Boys Audiobook Free download & listen

This is an unforgettable novel that every listener will enjoy for sure. The author Colson Whitehead has given the perfect story plot and the characters that attract the attention and keep the listeners indulged in it.

The Author is the NY times best seller and creates masterpieces out of the imagination. While things out off this world, the author of this novel creates a world that touches the imagination of every reader or listener.

In addition to other achievements, Pulitzer Prize, National Book award also came up or the author after publishing these fabulous books.

With the strong story and perfect narration voices including JD Jackson, and  Colson Whitehead, the book has a massive impact on each and every listener.

This is all about the civil rights movement that will reach Black enclave in the Frenchtown.  Elwood Curtis proves to be a good person. But the fact is that, at that time, the issues were there for black people. Even for an innocent mistake people may have to lose their lives or ruin their future.

The Nickle Academy is for black Juveniles for reformatory purposes. This intends to train and guide delinquent people to become an honest and honorable people.

But that academy proves to be a horror arena for the kids. There the trainers abuse the kids and torture them.

Elwood tries to follow Dr. King’s statements to be as good as anyone and to be good in any condition. But it becomes a trouble for him. The only way out is to plan and avoid issues.

This novel is going to tap the hidden truths behind many things in our society. Just like the author’s other books including, and did. And it has been written with ultimate power and courage that encourages people to get to a better life no matter what happens.

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Narrated by: JD Jackson, Colson Whitehead
Length: 6 hrs and 46 mins
Categories: Fiction, Historical

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