The Omega Strain Audiobook by Steve P. Vincent

The Omega Strain Audiobook Free Download
The Omega Strain Audiobook Free Download

The first part of the series starts in a fantastic way, the writer has successfully portrayed the life and world of an assassin who enjoys his work and never feels emotional about his business as this is something that could affect his repute on a large scale. Mitch Herron like his business of blood and dead bodies because this is something for which he paid high according to his own will.

However, for the first time in his life, he gets into a situation which he never had expected i.e to be a puppet in the hands of a group that can use him all the time according to their own will.

The fanatics are portrayed as a group that wants to clean or cleanse the whole world according to their desire. They select targets, kill them in their own way and purify the world the way they want. Tragically Herron becomes their victim when they make him a bioweapon for the fulfillment of their plans.

Killing people does not scare Herron but the thing that teases him is obeying someone against his will and of course not getting paid at all. The assassin, however, is left with two choices in the end. One is to keep on doing the brutal killing and wait until the whole human race dies in front of his eyes and at his own hands or hunt for the Fanatics and show them what he is really made of and emerge as a hero for mankind. Steve P. Vincent has started the series well and one may think that the next step would be further ahead in the darkness of the underworld.

Tom Jordan narrates almost accurately through the intensity that could not be felt at the start but after a little while the narration moves along well with the pace of the story.   To listen to the more in-depth and interesting novels, you may also listen to.

By: Steve P. Vincent
Narrated by: Tom Jordan
Series: Mitch Herron Series, Book 1
Length: 3 hrs and 25 mins
Categories: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense, Thriller & Suspense

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